Walmart: Annual And Perennial Plants On Clearance

Roxanne sent in this clearance tip at Walmart!

The Walmart at North Academy and Razorback is clearancing out a lot of their plants. Most are annuals (like petunias and geraniums), but there are some bushes (I scored a forsythia for under $5), perennials, roses, and herbs too!

Many look pretty terrible but there are so many, I was able to find several in decent shape. I bought mostly perennials, which with decent water this season will survive and come back great next year.

This clearance deal may be going on at other locations, too – please comment if you have seen gardening clearance at other Colorado Springs Walmart stores!



  1. I was able to score a few on clearance last week at the Woodland Park Walmart. Going this week to look for more!

  2. We tried the Woodmen/Powers Walmart first and only found hanging baskets on sale. We then went to Razorback. We did find that some of the prices said 50% off, but only took off 25%. The cashier adjusted the price for us. Just keep your eyes open. The did have a nice selection.

  3. I found excellent Gerbera daisies (5/$7) and geraniums (.75)marked way down a the north Powers Lowes. They mark stuff down every day.

  4. Walmart on powers and Palmer park had the geraniums 50% off (about $16ish). I was tempted to buy because I liked the pot they were in! But I have a brown thumb, so… But the plants looked pretty good.. Not lush, but not dead either. I wasn’t looking for plants, so don’t know if there were any $5 specials.

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