Six Piggy Banks & Bank Systems For Kids

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned about encouraging kids to save money, give generously, and spend wisely is that if I want them to do it, you have to have a system in place.  As I mentioned on Monday, we purchased on piggy bank “system” and were given another, and both function much better than the haphazard group of plastic cups we were previously using.

You definitely don’t have to spend much or any money to get a good system in place, though!  Here’s some ideas for piggy banks and compartment banks that you can DIY or purchase as you get your kids’ money systems set up:

Here’s a kids’ bank system that likely won’t cost you anything: print these cute tags from Good Gravy Designs, punch a hole, tie a string, and place them around three glass jars!

Here’s an idea you could buy or DIY: little pocket change bags for giving, saving, and spending.  We’ve got the bank system worked out, but my four-year-old is constantly searching for a purse to put her money in when she’s ready to go to the bank or put it in the offering at church, so this system would do double duty.

Psst – this is an awfully good time to think about setting up a savings account for your child: you can get a free ticket to the zoo from Ent Federal Credit Union if you set up a child’s savings account by August 31st!

Another “buy or DIY” idea, and this one might actually motivate adults, and not just kids: the “Dream Bank“! has instructions on how to make this bank out of a plastic bottle you might otherwise throw away.

This moneybox from Moonjar has three compartments (saving, spending, and sharing), something that was more difficult to find for purchase that I thought it would be!

My Giving Bank is one of the less expensive options I’ve found if you want one that has different compartments for different categories (on sale for $12.99 right now).

And, as I mentioned on Monday, there’s this Money-Savvy Pig with four slots and the Give, Save, Spend set from Dave Ramsey.

Don’t forget to read the five simple lessons I’ve learned about encouraging kids to save money and how to get a free ticket to the zoo when you open a child’s savings account at Ent!



  1. Natalie Kelsey says:

    Don’t even bother with the “My Giving Bank”. It is so difficult for kids(and adults!) to get the plastic stoppers on and off at the bottom, that we are about ready to throw ours away. I’d like to know if the “Moonjar” is better.

    • Good to know! Our Give, Save, Spend set from Dave Ramsey (see link above) has the same idea and the rubber stoppers on the bottom aren’t too bad to get off, if you think that one might work for you.

    • Jewell Price says:

      May have just been the one you received. Both our girls have one, and they both work great! No problems with the stoppers.

  2. Fisherkids system with the money bags is WONDERFUL! They are friends of ours who developed and implemented it with their OWN children, and we saw how great it was for THEM, so we started the system up for our own 5 boys! We had already begun the process of Dave Ramsey’s practices (Give, Save, Spend), but we wanted something that would put it all into perspective for the kids…Fisherkids did JUST that! The chore board, chart, and “pay stub” is well made, durable, hangs in our front entryway where the boys can access it easily, and the booklet of ideas and supporting website has TONS of things you can incorporate into the system (ex: age appropriate jobs they can do, job sticks to make it a bit more random, long/short term goals to SAVE for!). This system ALSO holds parents accountable: be sure you PAY them their commission if/when they’ve earned it and it’s Pay Day! ; ) We are learning the value of an earned coin, the 10% tithing/giving goal, and most importantly: these are the things you expected MOMMY to do ALL by herself before…now you are being a HUGE help to her AND the family!

  3. Marissa says:

    The Moon Jar is PERFECT! I bought my daughters on Zulily. Been waiting to see if they sell more so I can get one for my nieces and nephews for Christmas!

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