Sunflower Market Weekly: Rocky Ford Cantaloupe for $0.77, Great Deal On SniKiddy Snacks, And More

Here’s the new deals at Sunflower Market that start on Wednesday!  I’m hoping the Rocky Ford cantaloupes for $0.77 are a good size, and I’m happy to see good coupon matchups for Snikiddy Snacks and Tejava tea.

These deals are valid August 17-24.

Double Ad Wednesday Deals

Visit last week’s post for the deals that overlap the new ad, valid on Wednesday only!  They have ground beef for $1.99/lb through Wednesday, as well as a great price on asparagus.

Meat, Dairy, and Refrigerated

Jumbo Gulf Shrimp (16/25 ct, broken) – $5.99/lb
Rating: 3 – anyone know what “broken” means?

Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breast (family pack) – $1.99/lb
Rating: 3

Chicken Sausage (apple or basil) – $2.99/lb

Rosie Organic Chicken Whole Fryer – $2.99/lb
Rating: 2-3

Amy’s Bowls (9-10 oz) – $2.99
Rating: 3

Cascadian Farms Potatoes and Fries (16 oz) – $2.99
Use $0.75/1 Cascadian Farms Product – (no longer available)
Net cost at checkout: $2.24
Rating: 3


Rocky Ford Cantaloupe – $0.77 each
Rating: 5 as long as they’re a decent size!  Non-Rocky Ford cantaloupes do go a little cheaper, but they tend to be less consistent in flavor, IMO.

Fresh Express Whole Leaf Spinach (9 oz) – $1.00
Rating: 4

Bartlett Pears – $0.99/lb
Rating: 3

Sweet Dark Cherries – $2.99/lb
Rating: 3

Turnip, Mustard, or Collard Greens – $1.00 each
Rating: 3

Romaine or Red or Green Leaf Lettuce – $1.00 each
Rating: 3

Seedless Watermelon – $0.34/lb
Rating: 2

Large Red Grapefruit – $0.50 each
Rating: 3

Beefsteak or Roma Tomatoes – $1.00/lb
Rating: 3

Green Beans – $1.00/lb
Rating: 4

Organic Bunched Broccoli – $1.00/lb
Rating: 5

Organic Russet Baking Potatoes – $1.00/lb
Rating: 2

Organic Mild Red Onions – $1.00/lb
Rating: 4

General Grocery & Household

Clif Luna Bars (1.59-1.69 oz) – $1.00
Rating: 3

Corozonas Bars (1.76 oz) – $1.00
Rating: ?

Tejava Tea – $1.00
Note that the size is not listed but I’m guessing it’s the liter size
Use $0.25/1 Tejava Iced Tea One-Liter Bottle – 8/14/2011 SS Insert
or buy 3 and use $1/3 Tejave Iced Tea One-Liter Bottlers – 8/14/2011 SS Insert
Net cost at checkout: $0.67-0.75 each
Rating: 4-5?

Chobani Greek Yogurt (6 oz) – $1.00
Rating: 2-3

Kettle Tias! Tortilla Chips (8 oz) – $2.50
Rating: 2

Snikiddy Snacks (4.5 oz) – $1.99
Use $0.75/1 Snikiddy Snacks –
Net cost at checkout: $1.24
Rating: 4

Emergen-C (30 ct) – $8.99
Rating: 1 – note that this is their “everyday low price”, so it’s not discounted at all.

Bulk Foods

Golden Raisins – $2.99/lb
Rating: 3-4?

Will you be heading to Sunflower Market this week?

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  1. is the rating for watermelon correct? what is considered a good price per pound? thanks!

    • Yes, it is – we see it for $0.20-25/lb quite often during summertime. This would be an OK price in a month or two, though! :)

      • thanks! and i guess with watermelons weighing so much, a few cents a pound can add up quickly! :)

  2. We buy whole grain rice at Sunflower from the bin. It is so good. Get a rice cooker at Walmart for about $15.00. The rice is raw so it takes about an hour to cook in the rice cooker, but it’s worth it. You can make it in the morning or night before and let it cook. All you do is add water and maybe stir once or twice. We have a stir fry once a week. Great with all the veggies this time of year.

  3. just went to the sunflower and i am happy to report that the rocky ford cantaloupes look GREAT! mine weighed around 5 pounds each, and i saw a few that looked even bigger!

    crazy that i just got 15 lbs. of cantaloupe for a little over 2 bucks, when for the same $2 i could have gotten one small, rotten looking regular cantaloupe… no thanks! a few people were looking them over, so i pointed them back to the rocky fords ones – they were so grateful. :)

    • The cantaloupe are super sweet and juicy, too!! I will definitely be going back for more!! =)

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