Photo Inspiration: Coupon Boxes, Binders, And More

Here’s some visual inspiration (10+ pictures) for all sorts of coupon organization methods from around the web: from binders to boxes and more!

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How do you organize your coupons?



  1. Mine are organized in envelopes which are divided into categories. Wow, I can’t believe how many coupons some people carry around with them. I’d think they could skip a gym membership since they are lifting such heavy weights ;)

  2. I currently use a box which is subcategorized, but am really tempted to go to a binder … I don’t seem to be able to fine the divided sleeves that I want to use. I’m so far behind on clipping that I think a new system would help me stay motivated!

  3. I love Mrs A’s coupon organizer. I tried a few other methods, but this is by far my favorite & well worth it.

  4. I do the binder. I use a mix between baseball card holders and picture holders…works pretty good. I keep pretty organized. When i walk through the stores people look at me like i am odd. But they are the ones paying full price…ummm hello!!!!

  5. I used to do the organizer that Carrie suggested, but couldn’t keep up with the clipping. When she started putting the dates of the inserts on the weekly lists, I switched to binders and just hole punched my inserts… I have 4 three inch binders. This works fairly well except that I’m still behind! I’ve gotten so that each week I find the coupons that match with the items I want from each grocery post, then clip them to the list that I print off and go to the grocery store with that.

  6. I’m fairly new to coupon clipping but I just found these amazing plastic envelope size organizers in the dollar bin at target that are the perfect size for coupon organizing. They also have a smaller size version if you do Dave Ramsey’s money envelope system.

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