Save-A-Lot: Canned Pumpkin For 99¢

Liz emailed with this hot tip for pumpkin lovers:

For anyone looking for cheap canned pumpkin, Save-A-Lot has their house brand 15 ounce cans for $.99, the larger 29 ounce cans are $1.99.

You can also join their Smart Shopper Club and get a coupon for $5 off your purchase of $25 or more for additional savings!  Save A Lot is located at 405 South Circle in Colorado Springs (here’s my review).



  1. They also have bacon for $2 a pound this month…and they have cleaned up the store considerably. If I needed bacon (I stocked up a couple months ago when they had it $2 a pound, but a different brand), I’d buy a pound, try it, then decide if you like it and want to put some in your freezer! :)

    We planted a few hills of pie pumpkins this year and ended up with 36 pumpkins! I think we’re set for pumpkin. ;)

  2. They have the largest pork butts I have ever seen for $1.39 a pound — they are packaged 2 per and run in the $30.00 range. It’s a long way off from the days of pork for a buck, but about as good as it’s been.

    I’m going to wrap and freeze one, roast one, and we’ll be eating off that for a good while.

  3. i imagine for those of us that dont want to go here, we can price match walmart brand if walmart makes pumpkin?

    • If they will let you price match without a printed ad, which is their policy to do, but they don’t always do it. :) I don’t think they usually have a store brand though.

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