I Just Bought A Vacuum!

A few months ago, I asked on Facebook which vacuums you all have found to be high-quality and long-lasting.  When she saw my request, reader Jean emailed me and mentioned that her family owns AAA Best Vacuum on Academy and that I should stop in to talk to them about vacuums.

Our cheapo Hoover vacuum has finally bitten the dust – which seems to happen to us every year or two.  With four kids and not a lot of house rules about food must stay in the dining room, we vacuum a lot and I really like clean carpets and floors.  I started researching vacuums online and was leaning towards the Miele brand canister vacuums and when I found out that AAA Best Vacuum was an authorized Miele dealer, I headed there!

I was really close to purchasing the vacuum I wanted online, but decided that if I was going to spend a significant amount of money on something, it might be nice to look at it in person and buy it from the people that I would need to take it to if I ever had any service or warranty issues.

I’m glad I did, because when I looked at the options and explained the type of floors I would be cleaning, I realized that what I thought I wanted wasn’t exactly what I needed and though I did end up spending more to get the vacuum that I needed, it was better than having ordered it online and realized it wasn’t what I wanted and then had to pay return shipping and all that!

When I realized I needed to upgrade to a more expensive vacuum, AAA Best Vacuum did give me a discount in exchange for me mentioning them here on the site, and for that I’m grateful. :)  But, even without a discount, I am really glad that I decided to purchase the vacuum locally and know who to go to if there are issues!  If you need vacuum servicing or are looking for a new vac, I would encourage you to check them out!

I’ll have to keep your posted on how my Miele vacuum holds up, huh?  My hope is that it will last quite a long time, and ultimately will cost less (and clean better) than replacing the cheap vacuums we’ve had every year or two.

What’s your favorite vacuum ever? :)



  1. We bought a Riccar from AAA Best Vacuum last year and have LOVED it, too! I’m confident it is cleaning my floors very well! We brought it in for the first year of routine service and the vacuum came back looking brand new! We are very impressed with this company, their service and knowledge, and would HIGHLY recommend them, too!

  2. We have owned a Hoover windtunnel for 11 years. It died right before Thanksgiving. :( It was the one Consumer Reports recommended. It cleaned up after 6 kids and a few dogs over the years. I am hoping Santa brings me the anniversary edition of the Windtunnel this year.

    • I hope Santa is good to you, Becky! :)

    • Hello Becky,

      Just wanted to let you know that we can get that for you as well, but be careful because the quality of the Hoover vacuums has gone down. I own a Hoover Self Propelled from 1998 but that’s when it was made in North Canton Ohio, now there are made in China and the quality of the product has gone down. We are also warranty for Hoover too, and we can sell the Hoover vacuums.

      Mark and Jim

  3. I haven’t ever bought a vacuum from them, but I do go there to buy supplies. They are always very friendly.

  4. I used to shop there, but I was in one day and the owner/manager (?) was fussing at one of the employees, in front of customers, about how long it would take to get parts from a manufacturer – as it if was the employee’s fault that it would be a couple days before parts arrived. I decided then to take my business elsewhere.

  5. AAA Vacuums was so great and helpful with the parts we needed to repair our in-house vacumn system with extra tubing, etc. All the stuff we needed we got there in person much cheaper that it would have been on-line.
    And they gave use helpful information to use about installation.

  6. Does anyone know if they service Dyson vacuums at AAA? I have had mine for 7.5 years and it is not sucking so well now :( But I love it and I just think it needs to have its chambers cleaned and serviced and it should run like new again! Any suggestions on where to take it?

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