My Bargain Mart Score: Whole-Wheat Pastry Flour, Ghirardelli Chocolate, And More

This past weekend I had approximately six minutes on the way to another appointment to stop by Bargain Mart on South Academy.  After four of those minutes were spent driving up and down Academy trying to find it (tip: turn east on Hancock, the address is 3075 South Academy Boulevard but you’ll need to access it off Hancock and you can’t really see it from Academy), I finally did and made a couple of pretty good scores with the sixty seconds I had in the store!

I got three bags of Bob’s Red Mill 100%  Whole Wheat Pastry Flour for $2.75 – I so wish they’d had more, I would have snatched it up!  I also got two Ghirardelli baking bars for $0.99 each and a box of four tubes of glitter frosting for $0.40.  They didn’t seem to have as many cake decorating supplies as they had last time I was in their Old Colorado City location (before it closed) but like I said, I was in there for literally about sixty seconds so I could have missed it.

None of the items I bought were even close to expiring, so I’m guessing they were simply discontinued from some store, somewhere.  I’m hoping to go back to Bargain Mart again soon, but wanted to post about my great deals in case you haven’t been there yet!

Be sure to read my review of their Old Colorado City store for some tips about what to watch out for at a scratch-and-dent/grocery salvage store like this.



  1. What is the address for Bargain Mart??

  2. my husband and i went to bargain mart this weekend and got like 30 things for 33 bucks! they had orowheat bread for 50 cents a loaf (best by date was a couple days past but the bread is still really soft)… garden of eatin’ organic tortilla and pit chips BOGO free, so 75 cents each… a 5 lb bag of hodgson mill stone ground rye flour for $1.50… 2 lb package of kirkland (costco brand) colby jack cheese for $6.25… bottles of white wine vinegar, rice vinegar, and cooking wine for $1 each… a jar of almond butter for $1.50… organic whole wheat flatbread BOGO free, so 49 cents each…various types of salsa/hot sauce (organic included) BOGO free, cans of organic pumpkin for 79 cents each… a growler (80 oz) of stone levitation ale all-natural BBQ sauce for $3, 2.2 lb. bags of corn masa mix BOGO free so 49 cents each… and lots of other cheap pantry staples!

    most of the items we got weren’t even close to expiring. the cashier was very friendly and had nothing but great things to say about the owner of the store and how giving he is. they had lots of other things for sale, too, like kitchen gadgets, clothing, and suitcases. and it’s a great place to find gluten-free products!

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