Free Coffee On Your Birthday!

Here are a few coffee places that offer you a free drink on your birthday – please comment if you know of any others and what their requirements are!

Know of any local joints that offer free drinks for birthdays?



  1. Dutch brothers said they do. don’t think there are any requirements. maybe ID?

  2. I’ve had my gift card registered for about a year now. There are more perks than just a free drink on your birthday! Just today, I got a free oatmeal. After you buy 5 drinks with your gift card, you get free syrups and milk options. After you purchase 30 drinks on your gift card, you get even more benefits, including a snazzy gold card! Fun Fun!!

  3. The Caribou website says there aren’t any Caribou coffee locations here in the Springs. Do you know of any? (Tomorrow is my birthday!)

    • There is one in the Denver Airport. Thats the only one I know of and I don’t think that they are going to send you one that fast youll probobly have to wait untill next year.

      • I’m pretty sure the birthday coupon says not valid at airport locations, but I think there are some other locations in Denver (not sure).

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