Safeway Coupon Policy Change For Colorado: No More Overage

A month or so ago, Safeway changed the official coupon policy on their website.  Overall, it seemed to clarify some things like the use of manufacturer’s coupons when meeting a minimum purchase requirement to reach a reward threshold, which is nice!

However, it appears that Colorado Safeway stores have some additional requirements which are not consistent with the corporate policy.  Several of you have commented about your experiences with coupons that are for more than the value of the product (for instance, some were not able to use $1 off coupons for Pom Wonderful juice when it was on sale for $0.99 a few weeks ago).

Sheri emailed with this info:

There has been a change in how coupons will be handled for the entire state of Colorado. I tried to redeem a rain check for the POM wonderful juices at $0.99 and they wouldn’t take it because my $1 coupon was more than the price of the item.

When I explained that their corporate coupon policy allowed for a adjustment on the coupon value so that I didn’t get overage, the store informed me that they have made a district wide change and that they will no longer adjust coupons value down.

I called customer service and after a lot of hoops on her end, she finally confirmed for me that this was changed for the entire state. Basically if the coupon scans, you are fine but for anything where they would have to modify the value and anything that doesn’t scan, we are now out of luck.

I know that some of you have had no trouble with this type of situation, but many have.  For now, we will continue to give you the matchups even if they result in a coupon needing to be adjusted down, and will try to include a note that the scenario may or may not work at some stores.  You can always price match at Walmart to get the same deal!

Read Safeway’s full coupon policy here, or visit our Safeway FAQ page for more Colorado-specific info.



  1. Jessica Touchard says:

    I avoided shopping at the Colorado Ave. Safeway for almost 2 years because I had issues each and every time I got to the register. I went back the other day to try again because I thought possibly they had changed personnel / gotten better with the system. The POM wonderful coupon did not scan and the cashier told me he was not able to give me the deal. By luck, another cashier was standing there and she showed him how to override the register and give me the deal. The fact is, you never know with them and it is frustrating. They make me feel like I am trying to “get away” with something when I am really just using a darn coupon.

    My normal grocery store is the King Soopers on Uintah. They hardly ever kick back a coupon at me & if they do it is normally an error on my part. The customer service is excellent and to me that is worth a lot! They have earned my repeat business.

  2. Safeway just keeps pushing me further and further away from their stores, If it’s not one thing with them it’s another. I only go in there now if I don’t want to tackle Wal-Mart by my house for just an item or two.

  3. A week ago I was denied an internet coupon for the new Peanut Butter Cherrios because it beeped. The “senior” cashier scolded my clerk, saying they had just had a training about “those” coupons. If it beeps, they say, they will not accept them.

    The coupon has those new, universal codes that is being worked in, not the several sets of codes that coupons have had in the past.

    If Safeway removed all the employees with chips on their shoulders there would be no one left to take our money.

    • Thanks for the laugh Liz. I see that I am not the only one who has had horrible experiences with Safeway. The Monument location astounded me with their lack of customer service the one time in eight years that I shopped there (after a bad experience years ago.) They acted like they were doing me a great favor by letting me shop there and complained about my using coupons as “it takes longer”. Wow. The managers, sadly, were even less friendly-I suppose they set the example that we see in the rest of the employees. Thank goodness for King Soopers.

    • You are so right about the attitude of the cashiers and sometimes the managers aren’t any better.

    • I know some cashiers that work at Safeway, and while I don’t know how other store managers treat their people, I do know that Safeway cashiers in certain stores often get written up for the SLIGHTEST infraction. When you come upon a cashier with a Chip on their shoulder, consider this…

      If they get written up enough times they will lose their job, their livelihood… taking coupons that are not acceptable by the standards the Safeway policy defines is an infraction they can get written up for.

      While it may not be an excuse for the cashiers to treat you badly–I absolutely HATE being made to feel like I’m a crook when I strive to be honest, pass up the deals that are on the edge of policy, and work very hard to make sure all of my transactions are on the up-and-up–when you’re talking about saving a few bucks versus losing your livelihood it may help give you, as a couponer, a little perspecitve.

      • I personally like Safeway and will continue to shop there. Who in the world insn’t changing their policies ALL THE TIME? Life is synomous with change: get used to it.

        • Understood, on all counts.

          Perhaps Safeway can afford to alienate their customers. I am loyal to one store, and generally shop the same window every week. I’m pleasant not pushy, but darned if the morning lead clerk can’t be even moderately the same.

          I get less attitude if I go out of my way to shop another time, or another store. I get less sass at Wal-mart.

  4. I know that many people have had problems with Safeway, but I shop at the one in Falcon and love it. They are always super nice, and typically always take all my coupons. And when they beep and won’t take them they are super nice about. Sorry you guys have such a rough experience.

    • I agree. I shop at the Safeway on Village Center Dr, and have very few problems with them. I have found the checkers to be very nice. I used to have problems with my store coupons not coming off even when they were scanned, but that hasn’t happened for a while. And, even then, when I took it to the customer service counter, they fixed it no problem.

  5. I shop at the Monument Safeway and have had issues lately with prices ringing up wrong. The gentleman at customer service is always very kind and rights the wrong instantly and without negative comment. There is one man their that does take issue with coupons and you learn to avoid him….but the majority of the cashiers have been very kind and take extra time to make sure all the coupons scan and do so correctly! It is unfortunate that one bad apple is making the store seem unfriendly….

  6. I’m curious about something. What if you have a $1 coupon for an item that’s 99 cents? Safeway won’t let you have the 1 cent overage (which isn’t a big deal to me), but when they redeem the coupon with the manufacturer, do they get $1 or 99 cents? If they get the extra money (1 cent or more in other cases), think of the free money they would get when you multiply that across all their stores (and they have a stronghold in northern California. There aren’t other stores to shop at). Is this the case? If it is, it doesn’t seem right.

    • I’m not 100% sure on this – I *think* that unless there is somehow a note on the coupon that indicates they adjusted it down, they’re going to get reimbursed for the full value. So yes, they would probably get “extra money”; albeit they have to pay out the extra money first and wait for it to be refunded to them by the manufacturer.

      I get frustrated with policies like this, too, especially when it doesn’t make sense for those of us who just use coupons to save on a normal amount of groceries. But, there is a lot of coupon fraud going around these days and just a lot of coupons being used so stores are trying to prevent their losses by implementing stricter policies.

      • Thanks for your reply. It’s one thing to have no overage when the coupon is doubled, it just seems like store fraud if the stores are getting extra money (and again, I’m talking about the store as a whole corporation, not just one store and not just one coupon) on top of the additional money they receive for accepting the coupon in the first place. It is frustrating for those of us who are not doing anything wrong, and not being “extreme” about our savings.

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