Safeway Weekly: Alexia Potatoes For $1.24 + More Deals

Here’s your Safeway deals! This week, they’re running four five separate promotions ($5 Friday, Weekend Sale, Monday Mania, Buy 2 Save $2, and Buy 4 Save $2) in addition to their normal weekly deals. (And then there’s 4x fuel points for gift cards, a Haagen Dazs and Red Envelope deal, and a Banquet + frozen side dishes deal) I was glad to hear when I griped about this last week that I’m not the only one that gets a little frustrated about their myriads of promos – it really does keep me from shopping there more often!

Anyway. :) They do have a great price on Alexia frozen potates when you combine their store eCoupon with this $1.25/1 Alexia Foods printable.

These deals are valid February 8-14, 2012.


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  1. Stephanie R says:

    Aren’t the Lucerne 32-oz cheese blocks $5.99? If the blocks have the Real California Cheese symbol on them, we should be able to use the $.55/1 Real California Cheese Q from the 1/22 SS to get them for $5. Not as good as when they are actually selling the cheese for $5 and you can get it for $4, but we need cheese, so we’re going to go for it :)

  2. The Alexia potatoes are actually a better deal at Supertarget. They are $3.09 and then use $1/1 TQ and $1.25/1 MQ. :)

    • They were even a better deal last week because they were on sale! If you are a Target shopper check she has great deals posted daily for the target coupons stacked with MQ! I have gotten some really good deals there!

      • My SuperTarget on Gartrell and E470 had the Alexia Fries for $2.44 a bag on Sunday. I used the $1.25/1 MQ printable stacked with the Target printable to get them for $0.19 EACH! I am going back tomorrow in hopes to get two more bags for that price. What a deal!

  3. Carrie, you are showing the sugar and chocolate chips as part of the 3 day sale not the monday sale.

    • Whoops, thanks – changed it an also added a coupon for the chocolate chips!

      • Where is the choc chip coupon? I am dying for my grandma’s cookies but am to cheap to pay that much for choc chips. lol

        • Heather, I think she meant sugar coupon – that wasn’t on there before. FWIW, King Sooper has some store brand semi sweet choc. chips for 1.59 a bag…I haven’t tried them, but noticed them the other day.

          • Yeah, just a coupon for sugar, not chocolate chips – sorry. :)

            • thank you. I needed sugar too so it is all good. I am going to try the king soopers chips. They have a money back guarente on their king soopers brand things. So win win.

            • And Carrie – THANK YOU for the sugar coupon! I had searched the database just a couple days prior and had not found it. Much appreciated! :)

          • The Kroger Value choc chips are great! The other nice thing about them is if you have a peanut allergy, they are processed in a nut free facility (per phone call & info. given to me!).

            • I second that. I have purchased the store brand of chocolate chips at KS and they really were good and had a rich chocolate taste.. I was leery at first but impressed after tasting them. And the price certainly was good.

            • I am glad to know this – I was hoping that they would be good, but I haven’t ever tried them. At that price, I may buy a couple to put in the pantry. Thank you, ladies! :)

  4. Jennifer H. says:

    My husband was at a Safeway today and said the 4x fuel points gift card promotion wasn’t going (I think he was at the one at Academy & Union). Is it only the stores that have gas stations that are offering it? The ad says to see the website, and I’m not finding anything on the website that gives any dates or location details, just the generic FAQ section.

    • Safeway has a large handful of gift cards that are not elligible for the promotion —- like their own Safeway GC. Perhaps he fell into the fine print of exclusions?

      • That might make sense – I’ve never heard of them not offering the promo at stores without gas stations… There are only, what, like 3-4 Safeways with gas stations in the Springs and it’s advertised in the ad so I would guess it should be going on everywhere.


    The Kuhners beans were not part of the Buy 4, Save $2 Sale.

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