Albertsons Weekly: Cheap Chicken Breasts, Blue Bell Ice Cream, Ziploc Bags + More

Lots of great deals at Albertsons this week: chicken breasts, petite sirloin steaks, and tilapia are all on sale buy one, get two free; plus they’ve got two separate special promotions that could net you some great prices on Axe products, Blue Bell ice cream, Ziploc bags, and more.

They are not doubling coupons this week.  Whoops – thanks, linn!  They actually are doubling coupons up to $0.50 (which probably means that coupons $0.55 and $0.75 won’t double.  So, a few of these deals will actually be better than listed.

These deals are valid March 28-April 4, 2012.


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  1. My ad sheet says that Albies is doubling coupons until 4/10/12..There is a separate “cover” page and then it is at the top of the front page of the rest of the ad

    • Mine, too! It has been a loooong time since Albies has doubled!

    • Ack, you’re right! I was looking at a Denver ad and evidently they aren’t doubling up there. Thanks for letting me know!

  2. …Also coming up in the Sunday paper there will be a $1/1 Yuban (rare these days, usually it is $1/2) which will bring the cost to $6.99.

    There will also be a .75/1 Maxwell House coupon (not sure if Albies will double the .75 up to a dollar these days, but if they do, it is the same price).

    These may not be stock-up prices for coffee, but when I need it, I either have to go to Walmart and get the $5.98 coffee that is meh, or I can pay $1 more for Yuban, which is much more tasty. Somethings are worth that extra dollar! :)

    • Just making sure I clarify…I can’t get Yuban for $1 more at Walmart, but at the sale Albies is having. :) Yuban runs more at around $9-$10 at Walmart. Paying $3-$4 more for the coffee is not an option. $1 more I can swing.

      • Walmart will price match with the Albie’s ad

        • Actually, you don’t even need the ad anymore – just the info. You just tell them. It always makes me feel weird, but I don’t always have the ads for Sunflower or Albertson’s, and yet they honor it.

          • Yeah, it depends on the Walmart, too…8th ST will only do 2 items for eggs, milk, etc that is store brand because it is not the “exact” match….Palmer Park will ask for the ad if it is B1G1, but they will do unlimited store brand matches…

            • The Palmer Park store is now putting cheat sheets at the registers with all of the ad match prices, the cashier said they are tired of being yelled at by customers because of price matching. I priced matched two items the day I was in there and neither one was on her cheat sheet..go figure, she also said people get mad because they won’t price match Dollar General and Family Dollar because they don’t have printed ads, I told her Family Dollar has a printed ad and she said her manager said they don’t so they can’t price match.

          • I’m glad I’m not the only one that feels weird price matching without the ad, LOL! I almost always take it in with me just because it feels better. :)

            • I always bring the add with me, but the cashier has already known the prices before I show it to them.

    • Nice – yes, both Yuban and Maxwell coffee coupons have been rare lately!

  3. It seems like the coupon for Sara Lee cream pies or singles should work on a chocolate pie. Yum!

  4. Since they are doubling, there was a stove top coupon .50/1 in this sunday’s flyer – smartsource, I think. They are on sale for $1 so they’d be free. Please save a few for me! I can’t get to town until Friday.

  5. I have had bad experiences when trying to price match a “must buy x to get x price” AND use a coupon. It makes it easier for me to go to the sale…Fountain Walmart is not so coupon friendly in my experiences. Oh, and that odd feeling you get when price-matching without the ad? It may be company policy but when you listen to many of the cashiers, there is no end to the complaints about people who do it.

  6. Tacy Melvin says:

    I don’t get to Albie’s often and haven’t done the buy 1 get 2 deals before…do they roll? I’m thinking buy chicken use the cat to pay for the steaks, then use that one to pay for the fish. Would that even work?

    • It’s actually an instant savings with the in-store coupon, so you don’t need to “roll” it.

    • Like Carrie said, it’s just taken off of the one deal. So if you buy three packages and they are $14.82, $17.95 and $15.24, you’ll pay $17.95 for all three (they charge you for the most expensive one). So the trick, at least with the steaks and chicken (It looks like the tilapia is pre-measured bags) is to find three that are the same price or almost the same price AND that look good. Sometimes, some of the ‘steaks’ are actually end pieces. They are fine for making stir fry, beef broccoli, stew, etc., but if you need them for steak, look for the right shape.

      Hope that helps!

      • Tacy Melvin says:

        Thank you Laura and Carrie for clarifying for me. I usually stick to buying chicken at the commissary, but they were totally out of boneless skinless breasts last time I went! And thanks for the tip about the cut of the steaks. We rarely do true steaks, we do beef and peppers, or slow cooked roasts far more often because it seems more economical with my large family that way.

  7. It makes me sad that the 100% juice Capri Sun are never included in the sale. I like to get them for when we are in charge of snacks for my son’s games, but I have a hard time paying for water and HFCS, with a little bit of flavor thrown in.

  8. Stephanie R says:

    The Lactose Free Yoplait is 10/6.00 this week. Since they are doubling, if you still have the coupons from the 3/11 SS (both the DP and Gazette), you’ll get those free this week!

    Also, I saw it in the comments on Denver Bargains but not here, so I thought I’d mention that the Velveeta Cheesy Skillets are part of the Buy 8 deal. They are $.99 when you buy 8 participating products, and if you use the $.75/1 Q from the 3/18 SS (both DP & Gazette), they are free too. I’m not sure how these are going to taste, but I’ll try them for free :)

    • Thanks for the update, Stephanie! Trying to decide if I want to get my coupons together and head to Albies or not… I’m not in the mood for dealing with their non-existent coupon policy but I’d like some of the deals, LOL!

  9. Angie Theda says:

    No coupons at Blue Bell?? Gone already?

    • Sometimes they reset after the month ends.
      I’m hoping they do!

    • Lindsay says:

      I just printed one…and I have printed them before but not for a while, so they have reset at some point.

  10. Was successful on the velveeta skillet meals. My kids love em. Also the Stovetop was all free! on the boxes were 55cent off coupons at my store. I only got 5 cause we dont use a ton of stovetop. Another great deal I thought Id mention for those of you that go through a ton of powerade. They have the bagged powder on sale for $3.99 and it makes 5 gallons. Thats 20cents for a 32 oz bottle. Just refill old bottles or use your own container!! It was available in my store in only the berry blue and the red flavor but what a great deal! twenty 32oz servings for $3.99!! we go through a ton of sports drinks for baseball around here…

  11. Tacy Melvin says:

    We ate some of the steaks yesterday for my hubby’s bday dinner, and had tilapia for dinner tonight. Both meals were a HUGE hit! So glad I made the trip to score those particular deals! Thanks Carrie! My family loves these special treats!

    • Yay! Glad it was worth the trip. Hope your husband had a happy birthday! (As an aside, I started to type “bushand” instead of “husband” and it struck me as really funny. Probably because I really should be in bed… :)

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