Clearance Finds: Coats For Kids @ JCP and Walmart

Here’s a couple of hot tips for winter coat clearance sales!  From Lexie:

I was at the Walmart by Chapel Hills Mall this morning and they have kids coats and snow pants for $3. They mostly have sizes below 5t, but some of the coats went up to size 12. It’s a great way to buy ahead for next year or buy to donate to charity coat drives.

And from Sarah:

This morning JCPenney’s had jackets for boys and girls of all sizes for $2… You have to do a price check because some of them are not marked. Most of the arizona were on sale and some of the other ones.  [Not sure which JCP this was.]

This is a great time of year to get a deal on a coat for next year – or even buy and donate to a charity!  Thanks for the tips, ladies!

If you haven’t yet, get the scoop on JCP’s new pricing structure here.



  1. it was the jcpenney on powers, near the movie theater….however I think its all of them, because i heard about it from a friend in wyoming, they were on sale there too!

  2. We were able to pick up a couple boys coats this evening. Thank you so much! The cashier double checked my bill because it seemed too low.

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