Diaper Deals Roundup: Target, Walmart, Walgreens, and More

Here’s a roundup of diaper and baby wipes deals at Walgreens, Target, Walmart, Dollar General, Babies R Us, and Amazon; with thanks to The Thrifty Couple for their work in creating this list! If you’d find a list like this helpful every week, please comment and let us know so we can know if you’d like to keep seeing it.

Please check each store’s sale ad for valid dates. Note that some prices may be regional and offers may not be available in Colorado stores. [rss-cut]




  1. This post would be great to see each week and it would save me lots of time too!! :) Thanks for posting this week!

  2. Wow! This is super! Thanks for all of the hard work. I personally like getting diapers through Amazon Mom, but if there is a better deal-I am all for it!

  3. It’s a little overwhelming, but once I get used to the way it’s posted, I think it would be great!

  4. This is great! I’m a new grandma (my oldest of four has a 3 mo. old) so I’ve been out of the loop for 15 years (the age of my youngest) and I’m trying to help them with diapers … so this will be very helpful for me and them!

  5. Love this feature! Thanks so much.

  6. Love the idea but it would be more helpful if you could see the price per diaper/wipe. I love the break down of $ for jumbo pack though. Thanks.

  7. Tacy Melvin says:

    FYI-I snagged a Walgreens coupon booklet that seemed pretty baby specific that has a $.50 off W Premium Wipes, and a $1 off W diapers. Expires in September! It was on the endcap with a wipes display at the end of the baby aisle last week.

    • Tacy Melvin says:

      It only came off one package, and the can’t just scan it and let you keep it anymore. =(

  8. We are expecting our first in July and being new to this baby world, what do you consider a rock bottom price for wipes, and diapers by size? I want to stock up, but smartly because money is about to be REALLY tight. Any advice from “expert mommies” is welcome!

    • Tacy Melvin says:

      I don’t know if I qualify as an “expert”, but I’ve bought a lot of diapers as we have six children. For me, I had definite preferences for Pampers swaddlers the first month or so. And a couple of my boys seriously leaked in almost everything, but Huggies seemed to leak less often than other options (that was ten or more years ago though). With my youngest, I’ve been pretty happy sticking to the commissary and Walgreens generics. As long as we’re talkin’ the jumbo type package and not the tiny ones or the big boxes, I aim for $5 or under a package. The Walgreens military discount helps me get there when there is a sale, like this week. I stocked up on wipes a TON before my youngest was born (she’s 6 months old now), but I am partial to Huggies. When I can’t get a great deal on them, I get the boxes of Parent’s Choice at Walmart. I hope that gives you a starting place. Good luck and congratulations!

    • Hi, Jo – congrats! I started to answer your question here and it got too long so I made it a post. :) http://springsbargains.com/2012/03/diaper-stockpiling-tips-rock-bottom-price/

  9. This would be amazing to see each week!!!!!

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