King Soopers Weekly: Free Got2B Stylers + Rock-Bottom Price On Vitaminwater & More

Lots of great deals at King Soopers this week – I’m loving it! Got2B hair stylers are free after coupon, organic strawberries are a great price, and the new Mega Event has Vitaminwater for $0.49 and more great deals.

Also, the March To Savings mega event has an online game where you can play to win prizes. If it’s like it’s been in the past, it’s easy to play and easy to win. The prizes are eCoupons for free items, so you’ll need to sign into your King Soopers account so that the prize can be loaded to your card. There’s a limit of two prizes per person.

On to the deals!

These deals are valid March 14-20, 2012.


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  1. I just won a carton of Breyer’s ice cream!!!!! I love ice cream!!!

  2. I don’t understand the game. I logged in and went to the game and it told me I wasn’t a winner…

    “Sorry, you are not a winner at this time, please try again tomorrow!

    But while you’re here there’s plenty of fun to be had.

    Click here to load digital coupons to your card.”

    • Sounds like their site wasn’t working correctly. It is supposed to take you to a faux basketball scene and let you make a free throw. If you make it you win a prize. If not, you get the message you got. Of course their computer system decides whether you make the shot or not. Last year I never made one! I got pretty fed up. I think each card holder should win at least once!

      • I was using my iPad. I then spoke with KS and they said it was compatible, but then I asked if it used Flash and it does, so it’s NOT compatible with the iPad. I then logged in on my desktop, but bc it registered me as logging in today it wouldn’t allow me to “play” again.

  3. I saw a coupon for Kingsford charcoal on today. I believe it was $2/1.

    • Ack, you’re right – I just realized that I forgot that one and didn’t finish a few ratings and coupon matchups. Will update soon!

  4. Tammy Woods says:

    So there will be a Buy 3 boxes, Get 1 free coupon for Capri Sun in the Smart Source on Sunday…making the Capri Sun $1.34 each when you buy the 10 items to get the price…but would that ‘free’ item count for one of the items, or would you need to get 11 total?

    • It would count for one of the items – since it’s a manufacturer’s coupon, it’s a totally separate promotion.

    • Thanks for letting us know about the Capri Sun coupon. I always try to get some when it’s on sale. Now I know to wait until next week for that.

  5. Can someone address my question above?

    • Just try the game again tomorrow on your desktop. You can play once per day until the end of the promotion. In the past, I’ve usually won at least one prize, usually 2.

  6. Wouldn’t the oreos be .99 if they’re 2.49 minus 1.50? I’m really sleepy, so apologies if I’m missing something.

    Also, look for B1G1 coupons on Crush 2 liters -I’ve seen them in several stores, and that would make them .50 each.

  7. I think the Oreo ecoupon expired on 3/13.

  8. Betsy, it did expire … I found out the hard way when it didn’t come off at the cash register :( . We can use the one for oreos and milk if you printed it. I’ll do that next time.

  9. I just got back from King Soopers and the Gevalia coffee is part of the Mega Event. It is $6.49 and with the $2.00 off Q from last week’s paper the total is $4.49 per bag. Woot woot!!

    I also checked and Ken’s dressing and Dial soap are not included. :-(

    • The Gevalia Coffee is also part of Safeway’s $5 Friday…so if you use the $2 coupon at Safeway today you can get the Gevalia for $3 a bag.

  10. liz (lemon tree) says:

    FREE Kraft Fresh Take And Country Crock Butter

    I havent tried this deal yet but I saw this and wanted to let you know. I did the kraft deal last week at safeway and now there is something similar. I dont need 10 of anything so if someone comes up with a better scenario that would be great!

  11. the k.s on s. academy….the crush was not part of the pepsi sale and the honey bunches fruit blend and kettle chips were not part of the sale either

  12. thanks for the heads up on the IWG, can’t believe I missed that before!

  13. I just won a FREE Kashi Frozen Steamer Meal – and it said you’re only allowed to win 2xs..

  14. i won a free single pack of stride gum!!!!

  15. I went and got my free stuff today at KS. I got free ice cream and the kashi plus I got free popcorn indiana because they sent me a coupon for a free bag after I emailed them! I did the self checkout and you have to select pay before you see the savings. It turned out great!

  16. I won free Ben & Jerrys (up to $5.00 value) !!! Something I would never buy for myself—what a great prize!

  17. When I was at KS I noticed they had small blue bunny icecreams for 1.25. The recent coupon for 1.00 says off any size so you could get them for .25. I also noticed they had the silk singles for 10 for 10 for real this time! LOL

    • Which KS did you go to? I can never find the Silk Singles any at KS! Also, where are the blue bunny coupons? Thanks!!!

      • Hi Jasmine! I went to the KS on centennial near filmore. The singles are near floral in the healthfood section, middle isle top row on right near the other non dairy milks. They also have silk for 225 so its 1.25 if you got that coupon for 1.00 a while back. The Blue Bunny was on the right side of the frozen isle near the front.

        Thats a pretty nice store. They are open 24 hrs fyi. =)

  18. Heluva Good dips were priced at $2.49 with coupons in front for $.75 off each (which doubled to $1.00) and I got a Catalina print out saying you get $3.00 Catalina when you buy 3. That would make each only $.49 when you buy 3. (There also were Sunday paper coupons for $1.00 off 1.) The Catalina runs until April 15th on the dips starting today.

  19. Just a heads up on the Crush deal. I shopped at the Hartsel location and the Crush 2L bottles were in the display with the Pepsi products showing a mega deal price. I can’t believe it but I didn’t even notice that my $5 didn’t come off my total until the next day! I went back up there today with my receipt and it showed that the Crush wasn’t included. The lady was nice and gave me the $5 when I told her that the Crush had been in the display. I went over to it to make sure and they are still in the display today! She was going to notify the manager. So I don’t know if they were supposed to be included in the sale or NOT included in the display at my store. But, if you bought Crushes please check your receipts!

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