Safeway Weekly: Gevalia Coffee For $3, Freshetta Pizza For $2.94 + More

Wow, a huge ad at Safeway this week. So much for getting it done early by getting up at 5 AM! They have great deals on Freschetta pizza, Gevalia coffee, and even a pretty good price on bacon.

The frozen food deal where you spend $10 and get a $5 coupon to use on new frozen food items is still going on. And, this coupon for $2 off your purchase of $10 or more of Lucerne products is still available for printing!

These deals are valid March 14-20, 2012.


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  1. How would you rate the Rice a Roni without the coupon. I have tried on a couple computers, and I just can’t get that coupon to print!

  2. My husband went out with me to Safeway and had me laughing so hard. He said he was about to ‘flip out’ when the lady kept ringing things up and the total went up to almost $120. But that was before she ran my card and before the coupons. Total went down to $57 + I got some Catalina’s for the cheese and for the freezer items. Says his heart can’t take that kind of exciment. :) Just wanted to share because you have made this possible. Before I could coupon and save a few bucks. Now, you do all the work, and make me look like a hero.

  3. I went to the Rockrimmon Safeway and used the Lucerne coupon for $2 off $10 on 2 packs of the 32oz shredded cheese. I went through the self check out and the computer said “no item found” or something like that when I tried to scan the coupon. The cashier tried and got the same error and asked where I got the coupon from. I said (which it says on the side of the coupon) and she manually entered it. Just a heads up that you may have trouble with this one.

  4. I think the 2 rating for the salmon filets on the Friday special is pretty low for 1.1 pounds of salmon especially since it is wild caught.

  5. If you have one of those $5 off ‘new’ frozen items coupons, there are some (not all) flavors of Blue Bunny ice cream on sale 2/$7. Use the $5 coupon and two of the $1/1 coupons from the Blue Bunny I-Scream club and you can get them free. (I did!)

  6. I went to the store on vindicator yeterday and they had organic peppers for 1.08 each. I also tried to use my coupon catalina for 5.00 and bought a bunch of frozen stuff to get another. I didnt get the catalina or the 5.00 taken off. I had to go to customer service and they gave me 10.00. I had a whole handfull of coupons and only saw a 1.00 and a .50 taken off at the end. If I only buy a couple things and go to self checkout I can manage what is happening but it seems like complete chaos when I try to just go through the line like a normal person. What do people do here? Do you pre figure everything you are going to buy with the coupons and print it out every time you go? They take my big stack of coupons and they vanish into a black hole back there and it is almost impossible to prove I just gave them 10.00 worth of coupons the way they do it. IDK I still felt like a criminal last night like somehow they thought I was trying to scam them even though I dont think half my coupons went through. Just for my own piece of mind i think i need to write down all the coupons im using \ how much everything costs etc or just buy things in small batches like 5 at self check out so I can keep track of what is happening. It seems like pretty much everytime I go out there is some kind of major malfunction going on here.

    • I do self check for those very reasons. At our safeway (falcon) the lady running self check is also customer service, and there is just so much she can do at one time, so I just do self check and monitor my coupons as I go. If one doesn’t work for some reason, I set it aside and keep going until I’ve tried them all myself, then if I have one that didn’t work, she can just help me right there, before I’ve paid and gotten a receipt.

  7. I went to Safeway and tried to use my raincheck for the Ocean Spray Fruit Snacks. Then use my coupon. I always use self checkout because I can manage my coupons and bagging the way I like it. The cashier punched in my rain check then told me I couldn’t use my coupons. He said you can’t use coupons on rain checks. He said it has always been this way. Then he proceeded to tell me that because of all the extreme couponers they are doing away with coupons. I told him to keep the fruit snacks and then went to customer service. The customer service lady was shocked and called a manager. The manager also tried to tell me I couldn’t use my coupons on a rain check. He also told me I couldn’t use my coupons on a sale item. I explained how that sounded and he finally got it. But the self check out cashier kept my rain check so they had to go retrieve it so I could get my snacks. Sometimes it really concerns me, I wasn’t trying to steal anything. I just wanted to get something that they didn’t have in stock all last week at multiple stores. I checked over and over during the week too. Anyone else having any problems with coupons lately?

    • liz (lemon tree) says:

      Wow that’s really interesting Crystal. I mean what is the definition of an extreme couponer? I can see there being a problem if you are clearing the shelves or something but that’s kind of my concern as well. If someone is only trying to use a coupon on one item or even a few they shouldnt be treated like a criminal. And I could be a little paranoid about it but your situation sounds really bizarre and blatant. Do you mind saying where that store is? If that is the general attitude there then I will not go there.

      • My rain check was for 4 items. I was only buy 3. I was within my limits. I get annoyed when people clear the shelves too that’s why I try to get a couple and shop later. I was at the Safeway on Circle and Galley. It’s my normal store and I’ve never had problems before but this really threw me for a loop. This store is close to our house and has always been great but now I’m gonna have to watch. I just don’t understand. The boy also told me new coupon policies are coming with big changes, but I don’t know how much to believe from him. :-)

        • liz (lemon tree) says:

          Ok That’s good to know. I will check with the one I have been going to regularly and see if their coupon policy is changing too.

          It’s really good to know if there is a major change happening too because it’s no fun being surprised like that. It seems kind of drastic too because how many people really even have the time and patience for all this coupon stuff anyway. They act like hoards of people are coming through their doors in droves cleaning them out. And it’s not that way at all. In general I see people with baskets full of stuff and paying full price for it. Rarely have I ever seen anyone using coupons other than myself.

          It seems like some of the companies are over reacting. I expect they lose the most money from throwing the food away that they make at the deli and put into the cases anyway. It’s way over priced, low quality to the point of being inedible- and a person who has the money to pay for that would buy good food. I have bought the mixed fruit and it is hard as a rock and they are charging 5.00 for a small container. Then they have sliced watermelons that are mealy that should be thrown away that they are charging money for. I could complain about a lot of it but in general making your own stuff is sooo much cheaper and better.

          It seems like they are just blaming the couponers for basic mismanagement in other areas. Like paying someone minimum wage to make institutional quality food and sell it at caterer prices. It’s like there is food everywhere but they choose to use somewhat spoiled food to make the deli stuff and it’s like people dont even notice or complain. But people should keep this in mind that weak minded managers blame the little guy instead of coming up with some really creative ideas that sell instead of pawning off low quality to people and pretending that’s the best they can do.

          • I agree. My thing is if they actually had the product on the shelf for a sale then it shouldn’t be a problem. I went to three stores looking for the Ocean Spray Fruit Snacks and none of them had them last week during the sale. And I hit them many times during the week. When we went in today they only had 8 on the shelf. If I had used all of my rain check that would of been half their supply. The limit of 4 was set per the ad last week so I wasn’t even trying to get more. The other thing was the cashier at customer service was surprised and when she did ring me up she ran it up properly. Had the other cashier rang it up right it wouldn’t of been a concern. But to state that they are getting rid of coupons all together I think is a bit far fetched. We make most things ourselves but on occasion get things that make lunches easier when on sale. I agree that most people in the stores don’t use coupons. I have been couponing for many many years now and over those years have seen so many people pay full price for something that I had a coupon for and could of gotten cheaper or free. But people just don’t take the time to do it. I know it’s time consuming but we are on a tight budget and the coupons really help me stretch it each month and just barely make it.

  8. When shopping at Safeway, I always know approx. what my total is suppose to be so I can resolve issues immediately. I also know which cashiers to avoid :)

  9. my husband and I were at the Rockrimmon Safeway last night and had a full cart and many coupons… we saved 51 percent and also got a $4.00 off our next trip and the $5.00 off new frozen foods, so it was a good trip. We stocked up on the coffee and tostitos chips/dip among other items. on any coupons that beeped, our cashier did an override. It was an uneventful trip, PFL!

    • I wanted to get the coffee and totally forgot last night. I was so upset with myself this morning when I remembered. :-)

      • Albertsons also has Gevalia coffee on sale, although the price isn’t quite as good. I think it’s $5.99 before the $2 off coupon. It also has 8 o’clock coffee for $4.99.

  10. I’ve learned with Safeway to hand over a few coupons at a time, I’ve had to go through customer service too many time and I’m always with my two little kids, I do like the self check, that really helps and I know my coupons are being scaned. That five off of frozen was a little hard to use, I had to make sure I was using it on new items and there seemed to be only a few.

  11. Was anyone able to use the pretzels coupon? They didn’t match with the varieties in store when I went.

    • I was able to use the prezels coupon. I had to stand in the isle looking for them for a while, but I finally found them on the bottom shelf almost gone. I got the big pretzel sticks and there was one other vareity included, but I don’t rember what it was right now. It was helpful to look for the price tag for the sale price before the store coupon (2 for $5, I think – it says on the store coupon though).

      • I saw those but thought they weren’t included. The coupon said pieces and sandwiches, so I thought the rods and little square ones (marked on sale) weren’t included??

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