Safeway Weekly: Ocean Spray Fruit Snacks for $0.49 + More Great Deals!

Ocean Spray fruit snacks are just $0.49 after in-ad and manufacturer’s coupon this week at Safeway! They also have good deals on Kellogg’s Raisin Bran ($0.99 after coupons), Ken’s salad dressing ($0.69 after coupon), and more!

Also, the frozen food deal where you spend $10 and get a $5 coupon to use on new frozen food items is still going on. Plus, you’ll also save $5 when you buy five Gorton’s products, so you might be able to combine those promos for some great deals.

These deals are valid March 7-13, 2012. [rss-cut]


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  1. What coupon do you use to reduce the Kellogg’s Raisin Bran to $ 0.99 a box? Also I believe through 3-13-2012 you receive a catalina for a free gallon of milk ( up to $4.00) when you purchase 4 kellogg’s cereals ( 10.8 oz or larger).

    • The coupon is linked to above, right below where raisin bran is listed. Thanks for the heads up on the catalina!

  2. Teresa C says:

    Safeway has a catalina deal for free milk (up to $4 value) when you buy 4 Kelloggs cereal (all varieties) and a few other products like Eggos (which would be good to combine with the frozen food deal). Details on the catalina are mentioned near the specific products included. I don’t believe you can mix & match.

    So, pay $3.96 for 4 Raisin Bran’s (after coupons) and get $4 milk catalina. Plus, there is an AARP Kellogg’s rebate somewhere online for $10 gas card wyb 10 specific Kellogg’s cereal. Raisin Bran is included. Potentially you could do 3 transactions of Raisin Bran (12 cereal’s total) and pay $11.88 OOP, get 3 free milk cats and submit for the $10 rebate. Just remember, no shelf clearing. :)

    • Teresa C says:

      To clarify, this is assuming you have tons of different computers to print coupons or some non-mainstream coupons for tearpads, peelies, etc. (I found $1/1 any Kelloggs cereal tearpads at a gas station in January that don’t expire for a while). Plus, I know there was another $4/4 Kelloggs printable available yesterday, but I am not sure if it’s still available.

  3. I have a question regarding Safeway’s coupon policy with BOGO sales and coupons. If the coupon is ifor the purchase of $1 off of 2 items do I have to buy four for it to work ?

    Meaning I buy 2 and get 2 for free?
    Can I buy one and get one for free and the coupon works?

    • I interpret it as it being fine to use a $1/2 coupon on a BOGO sale when getting just two items, based on the fact that their policy states a limit to the number of coupons and does not say “coupon cannot be used on the free item).

    • Mommy Kane says:

      When I did this yesterday, I bought 4 items that were BOGO (Quaker Oatmeal) I had 2 MC for $1/2. The first went through fine, but the second beeped. He did manually add it, but I am not sure if that was right or not.
      Also on the $5 cat you get wyb $10 frozen foods, it does state it doesn’t work on frozen seafood, so I am not sure if it will work on the Gordon’s, just FYI.
      Thanks Carrie!

      • I *think* the frozen seafood it’s referring to is things like shrimp and unprepared fish – that’s how it’s been in the past, at least.

        • Jasmine says:

          I think MommyKane is right because I tried to buy the Gortons before at Safeway when the ad said excludes seafood and I did not get my catalina. FYI :)

          • Ah, good to know – thanks!

          • I tried and the Gorton’s will not issue a cat. I did 2 transactions. The first (pizza) printed fine and the second (Gorton’s) nuthin’.

  4. There is a $1 digital coupon on for 1 Bounty Towels 6 count or larger. It gives you .50 more savings than the P&G Q. It brings you close to $1.00/roll. Still not the greatest price, but better…

  5. Marie Beauregard says:

    The mentos gum is on sale for 1.00 so free after coupons.

  6. Teresa C says:

    There’s a catalina deal on Kraft. Buy 2 participating products, get $1 ONYO…buy 3, get $2 OYNO…buy 4+, get $3 OYNO. Can’t remember where I read the details, but it should be online somewhere.

    Yesterday, I bought 4 packages of Kraft First Taste that were in the ad for $2.99 plus BOGO (didn’t realize until later that the register charged me $3.99 each and then BOGO – I’ll take my receipt back to the store and show them the ad price in hopes that they refund me $2). After 2 coupons for $1/1, I paid $5.98 OOP, and rec’d $3 cat. Smokin’ hot deal. Now, to try out the kits to see if they are any good…Works out perfect since I’ll be stocking up on chicken breasts at Albertsons today.

    • I bought 8 Kraft items today and got a $4 catalina!

    • Teresa C says:

      Ok, here’s the official info on the Kraft catalina:
      Buy 3, get $2 cat
      Buy 4, get $3 cat
      Buy 5+, get $4 cat

      Runs through 3/18 and includes:

      KBreakstone’s or Knudsen’s Cottage Cheese 16oz
      Breakstone’s or Knudsen’s Sour Cream 16oz
      Cheez Whiz
      Cracker Barrel Cheese
      Kraft Cracker Cuts
      Kraft Fresh Take
      Kraft Milkbites
      Kraft Natural Cheese
      Kraft or Polly O String Cheese
      Kraft Parmesan Cheese
      Kraft Singles
      Philly Cooking Cream
      Philly Cream Cheese
      Philly Indulgence

      Coupons I know of that could be used with the products:
      $1/1 Kraft Grated Parmesan Cheese in 2/12 SS
      Indulgence, Milkbite, Cooking Creme in 2/26 SS

      The coupon database at: also lists a few printables for other products.

      I’m headed to Safeway tonight and will report back with prices.

  7. Jasmine says:

    Did anyone see the price on the Cracker Barrel cheese? We bought some last time there was this deal going on and we LOVED this cheese!

    • Nicole C says:

      The cracker barrel cheese is $5.49, and BOGO. I bought 2 cracker barrel cheese blocks, and 2 cream cheese tubs ($2.89, BOGO), using $1/2 on the cracker barrel, and received the $3 kraft CAT, making my total spent for the 4 items after the CAT $4.38!! I think I will be going back!

      • Jasmine says:

        What kind of cream cheese did you buy? You mean the Kraft Soft Philadelphia Cream Cheese (8 oz)? What are the catalina deal details (when does it end, how many do you need to buy, etc) Thanks.

  8. So just for some ideas this is what I did for the Cheese sale

    Kraft Philly Cooking Creme $2.99 – B1G1 – and .55/1 (RP 2/26) = .99 each
    Kraft Fresh Take Crumb and Cheese $3.99 – B1G1 – and $1/1 (SS 2/26) = $1.50 each
    Sargento Ultra Thin Slices $3.99 – B1G1 – .75/1 (SS 2/26) = $1.50 each
    Frigo String Cheese – $5.49 – B1G1 – .55/1 (SS 1/29) = $2.25 (This is was for the 16 pack. You might be able to get a better deal with a smaller pack, but my store was out of them)

    Not sure what the official rating would be, but I thought it was pretty decent prices for cheese!

  9. Did anyone see the price of the Kraft Indulgence? I checked everything else but totally forgot that one =/

  10. Does anyone know, can you roll a Kraft catalina into another Kraft deal or will it not produce the second catalina (as in Walgreens RR system) at Safeway? I know the catalina say you can use on your next shopping trip.

    • Typically it works just fine! Walgreens is about the only store in our area that doesn’t roll their catalina deals.

  11. Thanks so much for the quick response. I know how busy you are right now.

  12. I printed the Kraft coupon and it says save $1.50 on any 2 kraft fresh take, Philadelphia cooking creme, Philadelphia Indulgence or Milkbite granola bar products.

  13. jeanette says:

    Amber where did you print the 1.50/2 coupon? TIA

  14. Ken’s Dressing $1/1 in SS (The Post) 3/11 makes the dressing $0.19 per bottle with the in ad coupon

  15. Stephanie R says:

    We got a Q in yesterday’s Denver Post SS for $1 off Ken’s salad dressing, which makes the dressing only $.19 each when you combine with the Safeway in-ad coupon.

    Also, the Classico pasta sauce is B1G1 this week, and yesterday’s DP SS also had a $.50 off on 2 Q for that. They come out to about $1.15 each after sale and coupon, which is a good price if you love Classico like we do!

  16. liz (lemon tree) says:
  17. I bought 4 cracker barrel cheeses today and didn’t receive a Catalina is it expired?

  18. Going to buy cheese today…but my question is does it actually take off the higher priced item? so you buy 2 large packages of string cheese so it is 6.00 each and you buy something else that is 3.00 each…does it actually take off the 6.00 or does it charge you for the more expensive and then give you the lower cost free? I am guessing not…since no one else has complained about it…but usually on bogo…they charge you the higher items and credit you the lesser items….

    • It’s the equal or lesser value item that will be free.

      • so on your scenerio did you do multiple transactions? because of equal or lesser value…it would have taken off all the less expensive stuff…..


        • It’s coming up BOGO on the same item. As an example, I bought 2 Philadelphia Indulgence and 2 Philadelphia Cooking Creme. My receipt looks something like this:

          2 qty Phly Indulgence = $7.98
          Card Savings = -$3.99
          2 qty Phly Creme = $5.98
          Card Savings = -$2.99

          I don’t have my receipt with me now, but I know for sure it worked out like this. So, if you were to buy 2 packs of cheese sticks @ $6 each, and 2 other items @ $3 each, you will be deducted $6 for the string cheese and $3 for the other item – which is essential BOGO on the same item.

          I’m headed back to Safeway today in hopes of picking up some string cheese and shredded or sliced cheese to freeze. I had previously tried a few of the Philadelphia Cooking Creme varieties and didn’t care for them at all, but this time I bought the Lemon & Herb and loved it. I mixed it with chicken breasts, broccoli, and asparagus and it came out great.

          • Right, it’s BOGO on the same item if you buy even amounts of each item, but if you mix and match (say on $4.99 item and one $2.99 item) the lesser value item will come off.

  19. I didn’t get a kraft cheese catalina, definitely bought the right items. Do I contact the catalina group directly?

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