This Weekend: Free Chick-fil-A, Cupcakes, Paint + Cheap Coffee & Books

I definitely feel like spring is just around the corner… We’re starting to see more special events happening on the weekends!  Here’s a round up of what’s going on for free and cheap this weekend in Colorado Springs:

Saturday, March 10th

Sunday, March 11th

What else is happening for free or cheap this weekend in Colorado Springs?



  1. I would steer clear of the cupcakes but I guess they’re free, so…. Owner is incredibly rude and cupcakes taste like they come out of a box and stale. When tried to complain, the owner refused to respond. Check out the reviews online – terrible!

    • Thanks Anne, I’ve been wanting to try this place but after I read the reviews on Google I will steer clear. It’s very strange that all the “good” reviews were posted on the same day…

      • Check these out – NO good reviews. And, as I discovered (thankfully with a livingsocial deal instead of full price), others also notice they have dry cake and only 2-3 flavors, not the tons of flavors you would think by looking at the list. You would do better buying them at a grocery store. Probably cheaper and fresher. The name “Couture” is definitely misleading. I would have actually given them a second chance had the owner not been so rude when I tried to complain that some we had bought were inedible when we tried to eat them the same day. I always try to support local business, but not this one.

  2. as far as the cupcake place goes… I also had a rude encounter with the owner when I was talking with her on the phone about cupcakes for my daughter in law’s baby shower… however, in all fairness … my college daughter and her friends have all had great experiences with get together tea parties there! so I guess it all depends upon your own experiences so maybe it’s work checking it out for yourself especially if you can do it “free” !!

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