Whole Foods (North Academy): 8th Anniversary Sale On Saturday

The Whole Foods store on North Academy is celebrating their 8th anniversary this Saturday, March 3rd, and have some special deals going on.  These deals are only valid at this location, as far as I know, so make sure you head to the right one!

They’ve got a pretty great price on Tillamook cheese, and a good deal on ground beef if you’re brand-loyal.  Keep reading for the full list!

These deals are valid on March 3rd at the Colorado Springs North Academy Whole Foods only.




  1. There may be free Zevia if the stores have 2\6. There was a 3.00 off zevia cola coupon recently.

  2. Pineapples are $1.99 at Sunflower Market this week

  3. That’s a REALLY good price on the salmon for WF – I know it might be cheaper at other stores but WF’s salmon has THE BEST flavor – we’ve gotten GOOD salmon from other places and have been disappointed when compared to WF……. will definitely make a trip over there!

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