Coupon Insert Sneak Peek: Huggies, Oscar Mayer, Jolly Time, Lawry’s

There will (probably) be three insert’s in April 15th’s paper: two Smartsource and one Redplum!  You can see what will be in the Smartsource inserts here and a preview of the Redplum here.

It looks like there may be Smartsource coupons for Huggies diapers, Oscar Mayer hotdogs and deli meats, and a $0.50/1 coupon for Jolly Time popcorn which usually ends up making it very cheap or free.  In the Redplum, we may get a coupon for Lawry’s marinades, which should be going on sale regularly starting in a few weeks.  To be honest, I’m not seeing anything terribly exciting for what I need to buy, but maybe there will be coupons for what you need!

Coupon inserts vary by region and even by newspaper – in our area, the Denver Post has more coupons than any other paper, so I recommend subscribing to it for the best coupons.

The Gazette also offers several deals where you can subscribe for $1 for a year, but if you’ve ever compared the inserts in the past you know that you will want to make sure to subscribe to the Post, too.



  1. My Post had both Smartsource inserts, but only one in the Gazette. However, I did get a SS in the Tuesday mailing, so perhaps that was the second one?

    • Stephanie R says:

      Same here, Liz. My DP had all three inserts, but there were only two inserts in the Gazette. I didn’t get a SS in my Tuesday mailing though. I wonder if the Gazette won’t be getting the same number of inserts from here on out? I know we don’t get the same coupons in the Gazette as the DP, but that’s the first time I’ve ever gotten different inserts.

    • OK, so I finally had a chance to look at my inserts, and yep, I had the same as you and Stephanie – three in the Post and two in the Gazette. Stink!

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