Savings Club: Current Coupons And Review Update

Last month, I signed up for the Savings Club – a special members-only section of that costs $3 per month and promises more/better coupons that you’ll get by just going to – and did a review to let you know if it seemed like it was worth the subscription fee.

I wasn’t terribly impressed with the selection of coupons last month – there weren’t enough that I would personally pay $3/month for coupons that I have to not only print using my own paper and ink, but that I have to actually remember to print.  (And actually can’t even currently print because doesn’t work with the newest Mac OS, but for review purposes, I’m ignoring that since I mostly am checking it out for you guys!)

I could swear I read something that said they would email me before my free trial was up and they charged my card, but this morning, I got an email saying that they had charged me the monthly fee and I’m about 99% sure that I never got a warning email, so I’m bummed that I never got a notice that my trial was up.

I see a few coupons this month that might be nice to have, but it’s hardly even $3 worth so I think I’m going to be canceling my membership.

Since I’m lazy Since I spent all morning working on the new Milk Price Tracker, I took screenshots of the coupons instead of typing out a list. :) Here you go!

You can sign up for the Savings Club here and get a free 30-day trial.


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