Diaper Deals: Walgreens, Target, And more

Need diapers? Here are coupon matchups for Target, Walgreens, and more stores (including Amazon), with thanks to The Thrifty Couple for sharing these.

I’m not really seeing anything that’s a great deal this week, but, well, if you need diapers, you need diapers, eh?

Want to save on diapers? Here’s tips on the low price to shoot for, what off-brands people like, and more.

Note: most deals will be valid through Saturday, May 5th, but be sure to check the individual ads to confirm. Remember that since another blogger in a different state puts this list together, prices may be different in Colorado. The Huggies and Pampers coupons at Coupons.com are no longer available but you may have some that you’ve printed in the past. [rss-cut]




  1. I wanted to help my sister find the best deal on Pampers … I have not had to buy diapers for 11 years and have NO idea what a good price would be and I really have no desire to read through this entire post to figure it out. What would be the best deal for Pampers? If someone is willing to point me in the right direction.

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