Dominos: $3.99 Pizzas Again This Week

Oh, I do love it when Dominos does this deal!  This week is another customer appreciation week, so medium pizzas are just $3.99 each!  You can do this deal for pickup or delivery (must order three if you’re having it delivered).  Use coupon code SS12 when ordering online.

The deal is valid through Sunday, April 29th!  The deal was advertised on a sticker on the front page of the Gazette, so I think it’s only valid in Colorado Springs – anyone up the pass or down in Pueblo try this deal and know if it’s valid there?



  1. Woohoo! My husband is out of town and he doesn’t like Domino’s (but I love them) so the kids and I will definitely be taking advantage of this deal! Thanks for letting us know!

  2. Teresa C says:

    Thanks so much Carrie for letting us know about this deal! This deal is valid here in Pueblo and is going to make for a cheap and fast meal tonight. Since the weather is extremely wonderful today, I think we will have a pizza picnic outside. :) Thanks again!

  3. We order Dominoes a lot and if you order on-line, the deal that we have gotten for MONTHS is 2 or more medium pizzas with 2 toppings for $5.99 each…pick up or delivery. What a deal! Don’t call to order, just go onto their website.

  4. I have a pizza party on Saturday! This could be perfect! I was going to get Papa Murphys…how does Domino’s compare?

  5. The deal is good in Woodland Park…pizza and movie night here we come! :)

  6. Stephanie R says:

    does anyone know how many toppings you can get? Is it just one for $3.99?

  7. eh my friend just called our local Dominos in Mobile,AL and they had NO idea what he was talking about, and that they haven’t seen any commercials about it. BLAH!

  8. Dinner tonight on the cheap, done :)

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