Frogs + Airplanes = Free Coffee?

So I’m going to have to admit that I don’t really get the connection of these things, but you can get a free small cup of coffee at a couple of local coffee shops, brought to you by the candidates for Frontier Airline’s new mascot position!

Starting at 10 AM you can stop by Umpire Estate Mountain Roasters (302 East Fillmore) to get free coffee from candidate Chloe the Chipmunk and Agia Sophia (2902 West Colorado Ave) to get a free small coffee from Enrique the Tree Frog, while supplies last.

Get more info on Agia Sophia’s Facebook page and Umpire Estate’s Facebook page.  Now, there are three candidates so I’m guessing there’s probably a third spot handing out free coffee – any idea where it might be?

Update: I found the third location!  Polly the Parrot is sponsoring free small coffees at Nemo’s Coffee Shop (2114 East Pikes Peak Ave) today.


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