Fun Activities To Do With Eggs

Don’t miss our roundup of Easter egg hunts in Colorado Springs! We’ve also posted a roundup of deals on Easter candy, eggs, hams, and more here.

I never dyed eggs until I got married.  My family-in-law was pretty incredulous at that, but honestly, I still kind of prefer the plastic eggs filled with Snickers and jelly beans over pastel-colored, hard-boiled eggs. ;) (No one here even likes hard-boiled eggs!)

So, while I’m probably going to leave the bulk of the egg-dying activities to Easter Sunday at my in-law’s, I did want to do some fun egg activities with the kids this week as part of our school.

I would really like some hollow eggs to display as part of my home decor and thought the kids would have fun blowing them out, so a Google search led to this post with three easy tricks for blown out eggs.  (Man, my best friend and I blew out an entire goose egg with our little lungs a long time ago… Why didn’t we know about those tricks?!)

And then, I saw that that same blog had teamed up with another blog for a whole week of egg activities, like walking on raw eggs (we are so doing this), decorating hot eggs with crayons, egg geodes, bouncing eggs, and more!  Our science/art for the week is totally planned out.

Oh, and, if you are going to be dying hard-boiled eggs, here’s how to do it without that nasty gray ring around the yolk!

What egg activities will you be doing this week? Don’t forget that eggs are cheap this week at Albertsons and King Soopers (especially after this printable coupon).

And, if you prefer cooking eggs to experimenting with them, here’s a great roundup of egg recipes from Abby!



  1. Jasmine says:

    Carrie, I know you are super busy with this website and your family….but is there any way you’ll have time to list all the Easter Egg hunts going on in the Springs this coming weekend? If you do have the time to do this I sure would appreciate it and so would my kids! Thanks!

    • Hi, Jasmine – I’ve actually already started a roundup and will publish it soon, but have only been able to find info on two Easter egg hunts, so if you havve more, let me know! I know a lot of churches have them but so far haven’t had much luck with finding info on their websites.

  2. Crosscreek Church in Fountain normally does one as a part of their kids program (during regular services on Easter Sunday). Their website is

  3. I saw this egg week series too. So fun! Neat ideas.

    Thanks for the printable coupon.

    I know Eastside Church of Christ is having a big thing for kids and parents on Saturday, the 7th from 10-1 I believe.


  4. Hi Carrie! Thanks for sharing our egg activities with your readers. Colorado Springs is one of my favorite towns, and it makes me happy to know that we’re adding a little inspiration to your part of the world. Happy Easter!

  5. Thanks for sharing our Egg Week! Great to see your site!

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