Lowes: Bonnie Herbs For $1.50 Through Monday Only

Reader Andre emailed to say that Lowes has Bonnie herbs for $1.50 right now! I saw this sale today at Lowes, too, and the sign said it goes through April 23rd (that’s today – Monday). They are regularly $3.48 and I think it includes tomato plants, too? It included something in addition to herbs but I didn’t have my phone with me to take a picture so I could remember.  Don’t forget to ask for your 10% military discount if you qualify!

My two basil plants (pictured above) are getting sunshine on the patio.  I’m scared to plant them outside because I know basil doesn’t like the cold.  What should I do – keep them in their peat pots and keep them outside during the day and bring them inside at night?

I’m planning to transfer them to a bigger container; should I do that now and bring the container in and out, or wait?  Please help, basil experts!



  1. Basil loves the warm weather, and even though here in Colorado, it has been unseasonably warm, I’d still wait til after Mom’s Day to put them out permenantly….if you have a wall of water, put them in the ground now and take the wall down later….if not, just bring them in at night or on a day that we may still get cold weather… Good Luck, I’m going to Lowe’s tomorrow!!!

  2. Thank you for letting us know about this deal! We got two different kinds of tomatoes, basil and apple-mint this morning. It was a great break from our morning homeschool routine as well. =)

  3. Helen McAllister says:

    I have had my basil plant indoors since last summer in a large pot by a sunny window and it has grown like crazy. I am constantly giving basil away to anyone who will take some – otherwise it will fall over from the weight. I just put it outside for the spring/summer but will bring it in if there is a chance of a freeze and then will bring it back in during the fall/winter.

    • WOW! I would love to have a basil plant year-round! You must have a neon green thumb, Helen! ;)

  4. Thanks for posting this- I went last night and picked up several tomato and herb plants! Can’t wait to plant them next month :)

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