Old Navy: $8 Dresses (Saturday Only) + 20% Off Coupon

Old Navy will have select women’s and girls’ dresses on sale for $8 on Saturday! Plus, you can also use this 20% off coupon to get them down to $6.40 each!

According to the comments on their Facebook page, the sale is supposed to be available online at OldNavy.com as well. (Use coupon code ONSAVE20 if shopping online.)

I can’t find anywhere that it says specifically what dresses are included, but the ones featured in the video are these Mexicali dresses (original price of $19.94).  Maybe they’ll have other styles included in the sale in-store as well – not sure why they’re mum on which ones are included!



  1. The exclusions on the coupon say you cannot use it for One Day Wonder offers, which would exclude you from using it on the $8 dress deal, but it could be used on any other purchases so it’s still a good deal if purchasing anything else.

  2. The coupon says that it’s not valid on “One Day Wonder” sales, so its not valid on the dress sale. Bummer! I’m still looking forward to $8 dresses!

  3. You can not use the 20% coupon on the one day wonder Saturday.

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