Sam’s Club: Non-Members Shop Without A Surcharge This Weekend!

Oh, I was so happy when Lisa sent me this deal!  Sam’s Club is having a “try us free” weekend this Friday-Sunday (April 27-29), and non-members can shop without any surcharge!  It says the “Taste of Sam’s Club” is from 11 AM to 6 PM so I’m not sure if that’s the timeframe that non-members can shop or just when they’ll be giving out the majority of the free samples. :)  (My guess is that it’s just the timeframe for the samples but you may want to call to make sure.)

Usually when you shop as a non-member, they’ll direct you to the customer service desk and you’ll have to get a one-day pass (have your driver’s license handy).  It’s pretty easy and takes just a few minutes.

I’ll see you there! :)  I have around $100 “extra” in my cash-only grocery budget for April and will probably pull some from May’s budget so I can stock up on things like flour, olive oil, raisins, and maybe some canned tomatoes.



  1. thanks, I was wanting to check out their produce now that it is spring. Love the no-surcharge days.
    Btw congrats on still having $100 left with just a couple days left in the month :D

    • Haha, thanks! Evidently I set myself up for success when I could only take $500 out of the ATM instead of the $600 I wanted!

      When I told my husband I had extra money and was trying to decide what to do with it (before I knew I could shop at Sam’s), he said ROLL IT – he wants me to upp my purchasing of good snack foods like nuts and roasted pumpkin seeds. :)

  2. Yay! I can’t say I have $100 left from April (more like $10), but I started with only $160, and I stocked up on flour, butter, rice, all beef hot dogs, smoked sausage, bacon and did Bountiful Baskets a couple times, plus bought our regular grocieries and quite a few strawberries and pineapples. :) We have a few things we like to get from Sam’s on the freebie days, so I’m happy to pull a little ‘May Money’ to do that. Thank you, Carrie!

    • I think I’m pulling some May money, too – trips to Sam’s ALWAYS end up costing more than I think. I guess that’s OK, though, since I only shop there a few times a year? :)

  3. We’ll be hitting up Sam’s this weekend, too. Carrie, how do you store raisins? We just started buying them for our toddler and I’ve heard conflicting info as far as if they should be refrigerated after opening. I think I read not refrigerating could lead to bugs in them???

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