Whole Foods One-Day Sale: Applegate Farms, Norweigan Salmon + More

Whole Foods is having a one-day sale on Applegate Farms deli meat this Wednesday!  I’m definitely going to get there for this deal; it’s as low as it goes and we love this meat!  There are a few other items on sale as well; nothing that’s a screaming hot deal in my opinion, though.

Applegate Farms Family Pack (10 oz) – $4.99
Includes Black Forest Ham, Slow Cooked Ham, Roasted Turkey Breast, and Smoked Turkey Breast

Norwegian Salmon – $9.99/lb

Strawberry and Pineapple Chocolate Trays – $6.99

Whole Foods Market Mustard Dill Sauce – $1.99

These deals are valid on Wednesday, April 25th, only.



  1. the natural grocers ad is also worth looking at! they have the applegate organic sliced turkey (roasted, smoked, herb) for $3.99 for 6 oz. not as good of a deal, but it is organic!

    also, organic broccoli is $1.29/lb, larabars for 99 cents, ezekiel organic sprouted bread for $2.99 a loaf, organic valley cheese (including raw) $3.79 for 8 oz., kettle chips 5 oz for $1.69 (with coupon only 69 cents), nut thins for $1.99 each… and lots of other deals. all of these deals are good through 6/2. coupons make them even better!

  2. oh and i forgot one of the best deals… whole, raw almonds for $3.49 a pound! that’s better than sunflower bulk AND sam’s. :)

  3. Here’s a link to a $1 off applegate coupon!

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