Whole Foods: Orchids For $9.99, Friday Only

Whole Foods is having a one-day sale on orchids this Friday!  Phalaenopsis orchids will be $9.99 on Friday, April 27th.  I think this is a pretty good price for an orchid and Whole Foods usually has fantastic flowers!

I was just kind of fantasizing about having an orchid the other day.  I’m thinking such a fragile plant would probably not be a good idea in a home with five kids six and under, but maybe I could get $10 worth of joy out of it before it’s destroyed by a flying object?  :)



  1. OK, I was just at Whole Foods to get the deli meat that was on sale today and saw their orchids and they were BEAUTIFUL! And HUGE! Makes me really want to buy one even if it won’t last forever. :)

  2. They aren’t as delicate as you might think…I have 7 and they thrive, typically reblooming about 2x a year…just that variety though, the others require fussing. They are worth the money, will bloom for 2 to 3 months if you keep them damp, I soak them in the sink for 20 min to an hour once a week then drain any excess and they do great…

  3. michelle in Colorado says:

    They need indirect light.

    • OK, I can do indirect light! Jeremy is going to roll his eyes – I just bought a fern and two succulents in the past couple of weeks – but I’m thinking an orchid is going to be added to my collection. :)

  4. These are going to make the best mothers day and teacher gifts! Thanx Carrie!
    P.S. my mom has several, and they are super easy to care for, just mist or ice cubes for water.

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