Best Places To Watch The Thunderbirds?

Wednesday, May 23rd, is the Air Force Academy’s graduation ceremonies, and of course the air show by the Thunderbirds!  There’s no official place to sit and watch the show unless you have tickets to the stadium, but there’s lots of great places to watch (just please be sure to actually park your car to watch the show).

The Western Museum of Mining and Industry (Exit 156A on I-25, right across from the north Air Force Academy entrance) is inviting you to come enjoy a picnic lunch for a suggested parking donation of $5 – based on this picture from their Facebook page, it looks like they have a great view!  You can also then tour the museum with a $1 off discount before or after the air show.

Other places that readers have suggested watching in the past are Focus on the Family and the theatre/restaurant area at Interquest (though now that there are actually restaurats and whatnot up there, there may not be as much room to park and watch as there was in the past).  Just remember that you’ll likely be on private property wherever you watch, so be couretous.  (Not that you shouldn’t be courteous on public property, too!)

The show is slated to start around 12:30 – but times are approximate, and good places to watch fill up fast, so get there early.

What is your favorite place to watch the Thunderbird air show?  What time do you start watching in anticipation of the show?



  1. We watched from Focus on the Family last year and while you can see the planes, they are tiny. My kids lost interest watching them so far in the distance. We are definitely going to picnic closer this year.

  2. I work right behind the USAA building so we have a good view from here. Little far away but they usually make a few passes right overhead. Even caught some of the practice today :). One of these years I want to watch from on top of Blodgett Peak

  3. I’ll go meet my husband in the Compassion International parking lot. It’s one of the best perks of his working in that building.

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