Challenge Butter $1.99 At King Soopers With This Coupon

There’s a new coupon for $0.55 of one Challenge Butter from Smartsource!  Challenge Butter is on sale for $2.99 at King Soopers Buy 10, Save $4 sale, so after the doubled coupon, it would be just $1.99!  The sale runs through Tuesday the 22nd.

We’ll have King Soopers’ new deals up on Tuesday morning so you’ll be ready to shop on Wednesday!  Here’s the deals that run through this Tuesday (including the Buy 10, Save $4 that run through next Tuesday).



  1. Rats! Can’t find that coupon.

    • Oh, stink! It was at the very top when I loaded the page. Have you tried using the dropdown menu to sort it by brand? That’s one thing I love about Smartsource!

      • Yes, I even tried that.

        • Weird – is your zip code entered? It may be targeted to specific regional areas. I’m seeing it with a Colorado Springs zip code.

      • It was on the top of the page when I loaded the page too. Unortunately, no matter what I try, I can’t get the coupon printer for Smartsource to install on my computer. I used to be able to print their coupons all the time & now, nothing! My computer hasn’t changed – so frustrating!

  2. heatherK says:

    Just so I understand, before I’d even get to use the coupon, I would have to buy nine other qualifying products to get the price of one package of Challenge Butter down to $2.99?

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