Tips On Where To Get A Cheap Propane Tank Refill

This post was originally published in 2010, but with grilling season in full swing, I thought it would be good to bring it back to the top in case you need to get your propane tank refilled! Be sure to read the comments on this post for even more tips!

Awhile back reader Julie emailed me and let me know that she got a propane tank refilled for about $13.50 at All Rental.  Last summer, it cost about $18-23 to do a tank exchange at Walmart and Walgreens, so you could probably save a handful of change by doing a refill instead of an exchange.

Julie said she also learned that you can have a propane tank refilled for up to 12 years before it needs to be re-inspected.  You can find the re-inspection date on the tank.

Know of any other cheap ways to get a propane tank refilled in Colorado Springs?

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  1. Jennifer P says:

    All Rental is now $15 for a refill, still the best price! We go there all the time….

  2. Christy Gearhart says:

    Where is All Rental? I’ve never heard of it.



  3. You can also get your tanks filled at Old Town Propane on Colorado avenue at 28th street next to Diamond Shamrock. I believe it is the same $15.00, but you may want to call first.

  4. If you are military, you can fill your tank at the gas station on Chiles and Prussman on Ft Carson. It costs about $13-14 for a full fill. They also just charge for what you use, not for a full tank. So if it’s half full, you can just pay for half tank instead of full amount.

  5. We got our filled at Ace Hardware last time and it was $14.99 plus tax.

  6. We live out in Calhan and if your out east the best place to get a propane refill is at Glaser Gas. It costs $12 flat and they fill it all the way as it should be. I was told by them that a lot of other places, especially if you go to the exchange cages to get a new bottle, they are ripping you off by about 12% in gas! I love your site by the way.

    • This is a good point also Jillian. I read that the tanks at Walmart, walgreesn, etc (usually Blue Rhino) had gradually cut back in gas quantity to keep the price lower. I don’t know how to measure, but I read that as much as 20% less propane is in the Blue Rhino tanks now. Anyone know how to measure? Please report back if a refill station is “skimming” off the gas.

      • Brett Moritz says:

        Answer for Juls: Tonya and Liz are right. Place an empty 20# bottle on a bathroom scale, Sould be around 18 lbs. Anything above that is propane, 18lbs empty + 20lbs propane (I weigh my empty and with it on the scale, set the scale to zero, the after filling, leave it on the scale while grilling, and I can SEE my usage. Also, when grilling on a “chilly” day, spray some water (from a spray bottle), onto the propane tank. Where there is propane, it will frost. These tips from my propane guy – just 6 years ago $5/bottle no questions asked, miss those days.

        Answer for Liz: Exchange places are just that.
        Step 1) Once you get a new bottle you can fill anywhere propane is sold.
        Step 2) If you buy a used bottle, take it to an Exchange place – to ensure you have a Quality Valve, then Repeat Step 1.

      • most of the tanks are filled by weight, the total weight of bottle and propane for a tank for a grill should be 47 lbs.. That is the state guidelines for filling and if I remember right that is approx. 80 percent. So when people say they are cheating you they aren’t it is a law by the state of Colorado.

        • Linda Schlarb says:

          The empty weight of a 20# propane cylinder is stamped on the collar of the tank. You will see a “TW” followed by a number, newer tanks usually weight between 16.5 lbs and 18 lbs. Therefore, the full weight of you tank would be the TW + 20 lbs, typically 36.6 to 38 pounds full.

  7. Here is info on Glaser Gas
    To fill your 20# cylinder is $12.00
    To fill your 30# cylinder is $18.00.
    To fill your 40# cylinder is $24.00

    Monday – Friday 8:00 – 5:00
    Saturday 8:00 – 12:00
    215 Auburn Drive
    Colorado Springs, CO 80909

  8. All Rental is near Austin Bluffs and Oro Blanco. If you are heading east on Austin Bluffs from Academy, past Barnes, it’s on your left side. Their phone number is 599-5118.

  9. Thanks for this info. Our propane tank is almost gone, and I have been dreading refilling it. Now, we know where to go!

  10. Glaser Gas weighs your tank for you. Your tank should say on the side how much it weighs empty, something like TW 17.5, so add approx. 20lb of propane to that and it will give you the weight full. Should be around 37-39lbs.

  11. Ours was just empty as of last weekend..thanks this is great info!

  12. They should be filling by weight and not by the gallon. The temperature change in the air makes it so the gas will expand or contract and so by the lb is how they should always be measureing when they fill your tanks.
    Follow this link and someone answers this question in Wiki and I think it will be pretty helpful.

  13. Does anyone know if the tanks that are normally exchanged (at like Blue Rino) ARE refillable? I was always told they weren’t able to be refilled, only exchanged. Have I been misguided all this time?? Thanks for the info! :D

    • Yes, mine is a blue Rhino and All Rental gladly refilled it. You only need to exchange the tank with Blue Rhino when it reaches 12 years old. Then it needs an inspection to be re-filled.

  14. There is a cheap gas refill place next to the dog track on N. Nevada. We now use the Car Care 2000 at the corner of Briargate Blvd. and N. Union.

  15. Michelle says:

    We get ours filled at All Rental. I really like that place. The people there are always so nice.

  16. About the gas refill place next to the Dog Track…I used to go there exclusively but I haven’t been able to get that service there for about a year. I went in the building and it was empty. There’s AmeriGas trucks all over the yard but not people. I’ve called and got NOWHERE! Anyone have any updated info on AmeriGas? I may go to Glaser Gas even though I live very near the Dog Track area in Cragmor.

  17. American Storage is 18 and some change for a BBQ size (20lbs) They meter by the gallon so I’m only paying for what they put in the tank.
    I looked at the label on my last “exchange tank” it said net weight 15 lbs. SO I check some exchange websites. One states they have reduced the amount of propane they put in the cylinders to remain competetive in the exchange market…. Sounds to me like I am paying the same money and just getting shorted 5 lbs!!!!. Refilling is the way to go!!

  18. Jerry Carlson says:

    last time i refilled my tank at lowes (blue rhino) they said they put 15 pounds in the 20 pound tank

  19. Blue Rhino @ King Soopers at Stetson Hills is $17.99 for a refill.

  20. liz lemon tree says:

    Theres a 3.00 rebate at wags in their book and there is a 3.00 off q on for it.

  21. Jennifer says:

    Bill’s Tool Rental=Awesome!
    Got in, got out, less than 5 minutes.
    BBQ propane tank refill was $3.25/gallon=$12.95 for me
    I’m happy, happy, happy! Now I can grill again :)

  22. Great post… am going to look at these places right now!!

  23. Christine says:

    Amerigas off Nevada is no longer offering gas grill propane tank refills. However, right down the street and not far from the Nevada Costco, I got my propane tank refilled for $10.88 at Jasmine’s Coffee and Tea Café at 4140 N Nevada Ave. Hrs: M-F 8-3pm (719-359-5895). Great deal as you only buy what you need!

  24. Any suggestions for LP refill in Monument CO?

  25. just paid my record price for propane. 4.5 gallons in a 30# tank cost me $28.39. Thought I was paying by the gallon. Found it was a flat rate for that size tank.

    All Rental on Austin Bluffs near Oro Blanco..

    Avoid my mistake: ask how they charge before you fill. I paid nearly $7 per gallon.

    • Some LP Stations will have a meter and charge by the gallon others will charge by the size tank you have. I always avoid those refill stations unless I am desperate or know my tank is completely empty.

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