New Arc Thrift Store on N. Academy Opens Today!

The new Arc Thrift Store on North Academy (in the old Ultimate Electronics building, just north of Academy and Woodmen) opens today, May 31st! They’re promoting a “three-day grand opening celebration” – no specifics on what that means, but hey, at least it’s finally open!

Their store hours appear to be the same as other Arc stores. Get the address, hours, and other Arc locations here.



  1. Michelle says:

    It was open on Saturday. There is a ton of great things in there.

  2. Kelly Benthem says:

    We had a flyer that said most things are 50% off today-Saturday.

  3. Tiffani says:

    My flyer said most things will be 50% off only on Saturday

  4. I was there today and it’s only Saturday that things are 50% off. They aren’t offering any discounts at all today. Bummer for me—total waste of a trip!

    • Ah, stink! Arc is pretty high on their regular prices, IMO. :( Was the store nice?

      • Yes, the store was really nice and clean. I think their advertising for this sale was very misleading because the sale ad really looks like the sale goes Thurs-Sat, not just Saturday. They had signs up everywhere saying “no sale items until Saturday” and I even asked an employee to confirm that there were no sales. I felt like complaining that I had been misled by their ad but what would be the point??

        • I know what you mean. Maybe they don’t understand that for something to be a “celebration”, there should be a SALE, lol. :)

  5. The store is very nice. It is very clean, of course it is brand new. They also have the cream of the crop merchandise for right now. The “prime” donations were saved for this store’s opening for a great first impression. Time will tell what they continue to offer!

    Yes, the 50% off is only for Saturday.

  6. desiree says:

    This one might be okay because it’s new. The other ARC stores I find really gross and extremely overpriced. I can buy clothes at Old Navy and even Macy’s sometimes for less than their used ratty clothes. Unfortunately this store will probably end up like that, too. The Goodwill in S Csprings I find to have the best stuff and be reasonable.

    • Goodwill is my favorite, too… I’ve never had good luck with finding stuff at Arc! (The one time I did, I found a coupon of infant sleeveless tops during their 99¢ tank sale and the cashier told me she would “let it through but those weren’t really tank tops”.)

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