Quiznos: $2.99 Combo Meal Coupon

Whoops!  I had no idea that there were no longer any Quiznos in Colorado Springs!  Sorry, guys. :(

You can get a small sub, fountain drink, and chips for $2.99 at Quizno’s with this printable coupon! I just printed mine and it’s valid through May 28th. Remember that not all Quizno’s locations honor coupons.



  1. There aren’t any Quiznos in Colorado Springs anymore :(

  2. Helen McAllister says:

    The only one left is in the airport I believe.

  3. Just looked on the quiznos website – there are none in Colorado Springs. There is one in Castle Rock by the Chick-Fil-A on the other side of I-25 from the outlet stores.

  4. Just look it up on their website and you’ll see they are all gone except for the airport one and that one probably won’t take coupons :(

  5. OK, so clearly I don’t eat at Quizno’s often enough. :) Thanks for all the heads up!

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