Reader Request: Best, Affordable Nursery In Colorado Springs

We usually only post Reader Requests on Tuesdays, but I’m making a special exception to this one since the Reader Requests feature is booked for a few weeks and this is a timely request:
Where is the best and most affordable nursery in town for landscaping purchases, such as trees, shrubs, and sod? It’s that time of year again if you ask me!
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Please comment if you’ve got a favorite nursery in Colorado Springs!

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  1. liz lemon tree says:

    I like the good earth on walnut st. for their tomato plants in particular. They have some siberian that mature faster. Call ahead if thats what you want because they sell out. There were coupons for their annuals buy 2 get 1 free. They have had coupons in the mid week mailing on the hard cardboard like paper part a few times. The girls who work there are really nice too.

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