Reader Request: Best Way To Re-Sell Wedding Dress?

A reader writes:

What’s the best way to sell a wedding dress?  Craigslist?  Consignment? I’m wanting to get rid of mine and I’m not sure where to start.

Have you ever sold a wedding dress (or purchased one used)?  Where’s the best place to list or consign it?

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  1. I would suggest that if you just want to be rid of the dress, donate it to the drama department of your favorite school. They can always repurpose it for a production at a later date.

    I wouldn’t have thought to sell or buy a used dress, sorry.

  2. I would consign it at a place like Springs Bridal and Ballroom on Montbello Dr. They Sold one dress for me already, and I have a couple others there now. very friendly and lovely store. Be sure it is in pristine condition and any needed repairs have been made before you make your appt. to being it in. I wish something like that had been around when I got married.

    • Just read my own comment and realized I didn’t specify that I had sold a bridesmaid dress, and have listed other bridesmaid dresses with them. I haven’t sold my wedding dress. They consign wedding, bridesmaid, mother of the bride, prom, and ballroom dresses. Probably more.

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