Safeway Just4U Program Comes To Colorado: Personalized Coupons, Including Free Items!

Hey, good news for Safeway shoppers – the “Just 4 U” program that they’ve advertised on their site forever is apparently now available in Colorado!  Carolyn mentioned it on this week’s Safeway post, and then Susan sent in this info:

Someone posted this week about the “Just 4 U” program at Safeway. I had signed up for it a few weeks ago and then forgot all about it. So I went on their website to see what I could get with it. You can pick what offers you want to have loaded on your card, some are just for the week, others are for a longer time (things I can use, like produce).

Load e-coupons to your card in the same area, then print out a list (including expiration dates). It all fit on one sheet and didn’t use color ink. Also, gave suggestions (based on past purchases) for things currently on sale. Went to Safeway and all of my offers worked except one, which customer service fixed no problem. I feel better about shopping at Safeway!

You can sign up for the Just 4 U program here.

I just logged into my Safeway account (I’ve had it for quite awhile because you can load their in-ad coupons to your Safeway card and they come off automatically at checkout) and had an eCoupon for a free dozen eggs, as well as some personalized prices for items that I recognize as having bought at Safeway in the past (such as a special “just for me” price of Safeway pasta for $0.96 and Lucerne butter for $2.49.  Kind of cool – though I’m not sure if I will remember to check in to see what deals they’re offering me on a regular basis.

Have you tried out Safeway’s Just 4 U program yet?



  1. Thanks for the info. They must be giving everyone eggs, because I know I haven’t bought any (I have my own laying hens), but there are some on my page too. :)

  2. Can you use coupons with this? Or is this like a digital coupon?

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