Safeway, King Soopers: Earn 4X Fuel Points For Buying Gift Cards

Just a heads up that Safeway and King Soopers are both doing bonus fuel points when you buy gift cards!  You’ll earn quadruple points for every dollar you spend on (most) gift cards.  Also, Safeway has an in-ad coupon for double fuel points on your regular grocery purchase, too (must use the coupon for that one).

For example, at King Soopers this means that for every $1 you buy in gift cards, you earn four fuel points instead of just one.  So, if you were to buy $100 in gift cards, you’d earn $400 points, which translates to $0.40 off per gallon of gas!

While it’s not a huge, amazing, incredible savings, when we have a big home improvement project coming up, I like to buy Lowe’s gift cards for as much as we plan to spend at King Soopers, especially if they’re doing quadruple fuel points.  I figure if I get a $200 Lowe’s gift card and earn $0.80 off per gallon and fill my tank with at least 15 gallons, it’s a $12 or more savings that there would be no way to get otherwise.

I also like that you can use coupons at Lowe’s when you are paying with a gift card, too, so you can kind of double up on the savings that way.  They also have gift cards for Home Depot, Target, and Amazon, among lots others.



  1. desiree says:

    I just bought $100 of Lowe’s giftcards LAST NIGHT at Soopers! I am soooo annoyed! UGH!

  2. liz lemon tree says:

    I got a 4.00 catalina for buying 5 of the .99 oscar mayers packs yesterday at Safeway. Does anyone know how long this is going to be going on?

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