Safeway Store Closing Sale: Up To 50% Off

Facebook fan Emily posted this tip:

The Safeway off South Academy & Village is closing. I just went and everything is on markdown! Most foods are 25-50% off and the baby isle has all diapers/wipes at 25% off and baby care items (lotions, etc), all baby food and all formula at 50% off! Absolutely everything is on markdown in the store.

I talked to management and they said the whole strip mall is in foreclosure – they close on June 9th. They also told me that the rumor is new markdowns to 75% off will begin on Monday. There is still a lot of stuff left as of today and you can combine markdowns with coupons. Remember to know your prices because not everything is a great deal just yet!

I’m pretty sure the one that Emily is referring to is the one at 3335 North Academy – I know that one is closing very soon.  Get your coupon binders together – hope you can score some great deals!



  1. liz (lemon tree) says:

    i wish i had seen this posting sooner!

  2. liz (lemon tree) says:

    Hey I went there today and saved about 100.00. That was really great! I wanted to mention that there was makeup 50% off and in particular neutrogena that has a rebate of 10.00 right now if you spend 30.00.

    Something else that is a good deal are the sundried tomatoes in the jar that are usually over 4 apiece are 2 for 5 and there is a 1.00 Q on for them. I took advantage of the personalized special they had for me for safeway salsa for 1.25. So make sure and check what they have given you discounts on that way because you may find something great to combine with the savings they are having there.

  3. liz (lemon tree) says:

    Oh btw the hours are changing to 8am to 8pm so call first to make sure they are open if you are going near those times.

  4. I was there tonight (June 1). The abbreviated hours start on June 3. Most of the groceries are 25% off and lots of other items (cleaning supplies, medicines, etc) are 50% off.

  5. Has anyone gone recently?

    • Went today, most everything is now 50 to 75% shelves are clearing but I got a ton of goodies in health and beauty, some free items. Baby area was almost empty but dry goods were still pretty full at about noon today. Take your binders, the odd coupons were the best, got some freebies and cheap things. Lines were busy, but the checkers were all super nice and all my coupons went through :)

    • Hi Andrea, I was there today. I got there around 10:30-11:00 and was there till nearly 1:00. The parking lot was full but everyone was polite and easy. I walked up to the registers with a FULL cart! I was behind one other person (I think the lines had been longer earlier.) and really quickly a young man came to tell me that lane three was open (it said 20 items only but he said to come on over and use it anyway). The register rings up full price at first and my total was $599. I almost started hyper ventilating. :) Then they scanned my safeway card and that number started dropping and dropping. My total was $199! It surprised me how much was still left. Certainly not just anything and everything as I didn’t get most of what was on my grocery list but I stocked up on sunscreen, got some baby shower gifts, Easter egg stuffers for next year, “throw away” plastic containers, vitamins and other pharmacy type items, canned goods, pasta, etc. Kelly

  6. I just wanted to let people know that when you use coupons at this sale if they don’t scan they will not take them period! I totally understand this if you are using a printable because so many people try to pass copied or fake ones but anything out of the paper should be accepted and they aren’t very nice about it either. The store is getting cleaned out very quickly and I can’t see them being able to stay open until the 9th.

    • I didn’t have any problems at all with coupons, if the coupon didn’t scan the checker just keyed it in. My checker told me that some of the scanners were having problems.

      • I wish I had your checker, typically if they are from the paper they will key them in, mine told me “if I any of these coupons get you free items you’re not getting them”…This Safeway has never had good customer service anyway.

        • I agree that Safeway’s cashier tend to be on the more difficult side, but I know that part of the reason is because they are scared of getting in trouble with their managers. I’ve had at least one cashier have to call and manager for approval for a coupon because she didn’t want to get in trouble for manually putting it in.

  7. Wow, it was a lot of work to go, but well worth it.

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