What To Make With What’s On Sale: Pork Shoulder Roast

In this week’s What To Make With What’s On Sale post, we’re sharing recipe ideas for pork shoulder roast.  King Soopers has bone-in pork shoulder roast for $1.39/lb, a price we haven’t seen in a while!

Pork shoulder is a marbled cut and is quite versatile; it can be smoked, roasted whole, or cut up for stewing.  However it’s cooked, pork shoulder typically comes out tender and flavorful.  Here are some ideas for preparing and serving pork shoulder roast!

If you prefer to cook your roast in the oven, this 5-star Simple Roasted Pork Shoulder recipe is as basic as you can get.  Pork roast can also be braised in the oven — try this Braised Pork Shoulder from Martha Stewart.  If the roast has the skin on, you can use it for these Roasted Baby Potatoes with Cracklings and Chives.  I like the idea of not wasting any part of the roast!

Braised Pork Shoulder: Image from Martha Stewart Living

Here’s a yummy-looking recipe for Southern Pulled Pork.  The author says “this simple recipe starts out on the stove and ends up in the slow-cooker.  Add your favorite BBQ sauce and eat plain or on a bun!”

This recipe for Barbacoa Beef (and copycat Chipotle burritos!) can also be made with pork shoulder and still turns out delicious!

Pork Stew in Green Salsa: Image from Allrecipes

If you want to stew your pork roast, here’s an amazing recipe to try: Pork Stew in Green Salsa.  We’ll be having this for dinner once or twice before summer is here!

How do you prefer to cook pork shoulder roast?  Do you have a favorite recipe to share?

Find more recipe ideas in the What To Make With What’s On Sale archives!



  1. I love to just put it over cut up onions in the crockpot, put a can of chipotle peppers on top, a little brown sugar and dr pepper poured over the top and cook for a few hours and shred for tacos. Great spicy sweet combination!

  2. I just made an awesome pulled pork recipe I got off Food Network. It slooooooow cooks in the oven for 9 hours but you can just about put it in and forget about it.
    You make a dry rub of brown sugar, dry mustard, garlic powder, salt, paprika, cayenne…whatever you like. Score the fat side of the roast in long slits and spread the rub all over the whole roast. Pour about 12 oz. of liquid into a baking pan. The recipe called for a bottle of beer but I didn’t have that so I used water and maple syrup ( you could also use a can of coke or root beer). Place the roast in the pan and cover with foil ( I used a cast iron dutch oven so I used the lid inside of the foil.) Place in the oven and time for 6 hours. After 6 hours, take the lid or foil off and put it back in for the last three hours. After the whole 9 hours remove from the pan and shred. It falls apart and is sooooo tender you really don’t need to do much shredding. I did this overnight last week for a potluck at church Sunday morning. Talk about easy peasy! All the work was done while I slept and I just threw the meat into a crock pot to keep warm until after church.

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