A Review of New 2 You Store (Now CLOSED)

This store is now CLOSED.

A new bargain store opened in May at the corner of Academy and Maizeland and I stopped in the other day to check them out.  Here’s what I thought:

New 2 You is not necessarily a thrift store in the traditional sense – many of their goods are actually new.  They buy closeouts and returns from stores and then re-sell them.  Some of the stuff, like the furniture, they refinish or refurbish before selling.

This chair was new and $75 –  I loved the fabric!

This hutch was $99.

They had jewelry – some of last year’s lines from Macy’s, I believe she said.

I commented to the owner that they had a lot of stuff that guys would like, and she told me her husband made her promise that she wouldn’t make it a “girly store”.  So far, I think she’s succeeded – I think a lot of guys would like the stuff they have!

They have a lot of sporting goods and camping gear – like these fishing poles that were closeouts from Gander Mountain. Oh, and they had a girls’ bike tire for $4.75 that I recently paid $12 for on Amazon.

A new (or like-new) table saw for $256 (they said it retails for $300).

They had a couple of grills, too – this big one (new) had a smoker, a gas grill, a charcoal grill, and a burner, if I recall correctly.  It wasn’t quite ready for sale yet but I think they said it would be around $399, which seemed like a pretty good deal for such a big grill.

By far, though the best deal of the day was this:

I’ve been wanting a vintage typewriter for a long time.  I’ve never seen one at a thrift store and haven’t had time to go to an antique store and search for one.  But, I found one at New 2 You!

Of course, I didn’t realize how much I wanted it until I didn’t buy it, and got home and was thinking about it.  I texted Jeremy to ask if he’d buy it for me as an early birthday gift and he agreed. :) Thankfully it was still there the next day when he went back to get it.  (And get this – not only was it in great shape, but the ribbon still works!)

Overall, I really liked what New 2 You had to offer.  I can’t say that everything was an amazing deal, but they carried some stuff that is hard to find in good shape, for a good deal, so I definitely think it’s worth a stop if you’re in need of furniture, sporting goods, tools, or just about anything except maybe clothing!  (They did have one small rack of clothing but I honestly forgot to look at it.)

New 2 You is located at 3960 Maizeland Road in Colorado Springs (in the same shopping center as Rocco’s and Steaksmith).  Their hours are 10-5, Tuesday-Friday; and 9-6 on Saturday.  (Closed Sunday.)  Their phone number is 719-591-1877.

If you stop by New 2 You, leave a comment and let me know what you thought!  You can find more Colorado Springs thrift store reviews here.



  1. Oh my gosh, Carrie – I JUST got the same typewriter at Goodwill on Sunday – and the ribbon on ours still works too! My DH did a little research online – they are from the early 1940’s. My daugher is loving typing notes on it. I love the sounds of a manual typewriter – it brings back so many good memories! I’m tickled that you found one too! :)

    • TOO FUNNY! That’s awesome – so, how much did you pay at Goodwill? I looked around online enough that I thought I got a pretty fair price, especially since I didn’t have to pay a shiping charge.

  2. I LOVE that chair and hutch!

    Your typewriter is way cool. :) I remember learning to type on those!

  3. Crystal Tuthill says:

    It’s closed now? I was hoping to put my eyes on a John Deer bi-cycle and an antique table, maybe a space heater or two… Oh wait, I don’t need the space heater now then do I. Happy thriftiness.

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