Beauty Brands: Annual $12.98 Liter Sale Going On Now

Valerie posted on our Facebook page that the Beauty Brands annual $12.98 liter sale is going on right now! I’ve heard that this is one of the best ways to get professional-quality shampoo at a discount. The sale is valid through August 12th and is limit 12 total.  Get more details here.  They’re located at 7214 North Academy in Colorado Springs.

I’m actually a no-poo girl – as recommended in the book Curly Girl, I promise you it’s not gross!  But I could buy mousse by the gallon… :)



  1. Carrie – Do you ever find No Poo at discount prices? I just started using it and love the product but don’t love the price :)

    • Hmm… I had no idea there was a product called No Poo. I just literally use “no poo”. :) (I shampoo a few times a year whenever I feel like my hair products are building up, but that’s pretty rare since I rinse my hair thoroughly every night.)

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