Hobby Lobby: Spring, Summer Clearance Up To 90% Off

I stopped into Hobby Lobby on Powers today and saw the above signs. I repeated “only buy it if you love it, only buy it if you love it” to myself a few times and then headed in to see what was on clearance! Here’s some pics of what they had:

There wasn’t a ton, but I did pick up some summer craft items for my kids at 90% off.  I’m not sure if other Hobby Lobby stores are having the same clearance, but they do tend to mark down stuff at the same time; it just varies as to what they have.



  1. I called my friend who is having a Luau themed birthday party after seeing your post! We went to the HL on 8th Street and she was able to find some awesome deco’s on the CHEAP! Thanks for posting! You helped make a Sweet 16 party great!

  2. I wonder what date their winter seasonal things go on sale. I was in there yesterday and the Christmas stuff was 80% off (still way too high) (I must be cheap) :) and the winter things were 66% off. Any ideas? I can’t check back every day as it is a bit of a drive. I would probably get a couple Christmas things but am mostly interested in the winter things. Thanks!

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