One Possible Reason You Aren’t Getting Frequent Shopper Coupons from King Soopers

Once upon a time, I used to get really great frequent customer coupons in the mail from King Soopers.  Then, it suddenly stopped and I went a couple of years without receiving any.  I was bummed, but when I talked to King Soopers about it (to people from their corporate office, even), they said there’s not a way to request to be put back on the list.

They also said that part of what determines who gets coupons in the mail is how much you spend.  I figured that I hadn’t been spending as much (it’s true, I did shop around a lot, especially a couple of years ago) so that was why I stopped receiving coupons.  I sure did miss them, as sometimes they would send customized coupons for items I frequently bought, often for items that never have coupons otherwise.

For awhile now, I’ve also had issues with not being able to load ecoupons to my Sooper card, because I couldn’t find my card number and it wouldn’t allow me to use my phone number.  I tried calling King Soopers’ customer service line, but they weren’t able to help me because the name and address listed for my phone number wasn’t my name or address (I tried every address I could think of and it still didn’t match up) so they couldn’t help me for “security reasons”.

Finally, about a month or two ago, I stopped at the in-store customer service desk and explained that I really didn’t know what was going on but that I needed to get it so that my phone number and my card and my name and my address were all on the same account.  I told them that they could call my phone number to see if I really did indeed own this number!

It was then that I found out that my phone number was linked to someone in Aurora, and then suddenly it all made sense.  It’s a long story, but somehow I started using “my” cell phone number, but it wasn’t linked to the account I originally set up.  So, the name and address that are linked to my phone number, which I always use instead of the actual card, were for someone else who had originally set up their Sooper Card with that phone number when it was theirs.

(To add to the confusion, the person who had my cell phone number is named Carrie, too.  And, they evidently had some money trouble because I got calls from collectors – and even the other Carrie’s grandma – for several years!  Ugh.)

Anyway.  I know this a really long, confusing story, but all that to say this:

When I finally got my name/address/phone/Sooper card number all correctly synchronized, I was finally able to load ecoupons to my card and I also started receiving coupons in the mail again!

Since then, I’ve been receiving a ton of coupon mailers from King Soopers, which makes me sad that I waited so long to figure out what the problem was because I would have gotten a lot of coupons in that time!

So, if you are having any issues with ecoupons not coming off at all or if you shop at King Soopers frequently and don’t receive coupons in the mail, it doesn’t hurt to make sure that they have all the right information linked to the account that you are using.  If you have gas rewards disappear, it’s possible that someone else is using your phone number, too.

I would encourage you to do similarly with Safeway, especially with their Just for U program!  If they don’t have the right information or someone else is sharing your account, you could be missing out on offers.

If you’ve read through my King Soopers card saga this far, thanks. :)  I hope this helps someone else because I am thrilled to finally be getting coupons again!



  1. I had to laugh about the gas rewards “disappearing” comment as that was my mystery 2 years ago. It turns out that it was actually my mom who was getting my rewards. I had called the KS customer service many times and everything was correct on my account. They would say that indeed my gas rewards were being redeemed and that I probably just didn’t realize it. I was complaining that my gas rewards kept disappearing and she mentioned that she had the opposite experience. She would often fill up and “discover” that she was being given a $0.50 per gallon discount by King Soopers. The light bulb finally went on and I called KS back to see if my card was somehow linked to my moms. Turns out that it was, even though I had moved, changed the address and phone number with KS, etc. It took almost 6 more months of calls to get it finally fixed. I was glad to find out that at least it was my mom getting the rewards!

    • No kidding – I’d be really upset if someone I didn’t even know was using my rewards!

      The whole ordeal made me wonder about the security of using your phone number as an ID… I guess the worst that can happen is someone steals your gas rewards, but still, that might make me really mad when I have big rewards, or do something like purchasing gift cards to get the fuel points!

  2. I had the “problem” of wondering how I was adding on gas points faster than I thought I should and also was getting personal coupons in the mail for things that I don’t usually buy… then when my daughter was home this summer from college, she told me that she had been giving my phone number at the KS in Fort Collins in order to get the lower price on her groceries! She said “hey I was helping you to earn points and helping myself lower my grocery costs!” I was fine with that of course, except she should have told me!

    • Haha! Wish I had the problem of someone using my card at the checkout but not at the gas pump, that would be awesome! :)

  3. I had something similar happen. I somehow had 2 separate cards under my home & cell #s. I’d been using both and not paying attention to which # I punched in. However, the one that had all of my coupons didn’t seem to be the # I used the most. Thankfully, after spending way too much $ one day after loading $20 of coupons to my account, I finally noticed there was a problem. I took my items and receipt to the store customer service. They refunded the original amount (pre-coupon) to me, then consolidated my accounts and reset the coupons. They then re-checked the items so that I got them all with the coupons. Now I have *1* account under *1* phone # and get all my coupons. :D

    • Yay! Glad they were able to get it figured out! When I originally tried to correct my problem, I thought I had two accounts and the process of merging would have been easy – had I not realized that I didn’t actually have two accounts. Agh, so confusing!

  4. I’ve used my mom’s number for years. They moved out of state a few years ago and shops at Krogers. She still uses the old card number for discounts at Krogers, but they don’t offer gas discounts. I get to collect the points from my mom’s groceries and whatever I buy. It especially helps that my parents have multiple prescriptions.

  5. I also had several months of problems with my King Soopers cards- I say cards b/c when I explained the same ordeal (not getting the coupons, missing discounts, not being able link e-coupons and check gas points etc) to their customer service desk- they told me to try canceling the card and reapply for another. Of course, the trick is that I only have ONE home phone, which was tied to one of the main cards.

    I emailed their help website and after awhile they got the card to work, but still could not access e-coupons/check gas points. I finally had to get a cell phone number and stop using my home phone number.

    The KS card process is great, but the KS customer service for the card is seriously lacking. They do not have procedures in place to help customers access their cards if the original email was changed AND the password is forgotten. It was a very aggravating situation. Thankfully, I had a cell to replace my home phone number, but my husband has to call my cell to get the new number when getting gas. Oh well, what we do to get discounts…

    • Yeah, I agree – the system works great until there’s a problem, and just “opening a new account” doesn’t work when you’re tying stuff to your phone number!

  6. After we lived with my in laws a couple of years ago, our accounts were linked because they were at the same address. I understand that, except after we moved out, they never got unlinked. After a few phone calls to customer service, it never did get fixed. Then my brother in law moved in with us for a while. Now I think all three of our cards are linked. And I have just given up trying to get them unlinked.

  7. Anna Cruz says:

    I s there a website to check a KS card points? Also I have multiple cards from misplacing a past card(s) and when at time of purchase wanting the coupon price asking for another card. time after time I have been told by the checkout person to call the number on the receipt, is this correct? Can they combine my points all to one card? If so can you please provide me with this number to the correct dept. with knowledge on this procedure. I would be eternally thankful and less stressed. Thank you

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