JCP Rewards: Now Earn $10 Rewards When You Spend $100

JCP has updated their rewards program and you can now earn a $10 reward when you spend $100 in a month, according to an email I received today.  (I think the limit used to be $250 or something like that?)  You don’t have to have their credit card for the program; you can sign up using a different debit/credit card.  Find out more on their rewards program here.

Do you think this change will make you more likely to shop at JCP?  Has their new pricing strategy increased or decreased your shopping at JCP?  I haven’t shopped there much lately, but other than a quick trip to TJ Maxx, Ross, and Target last week, I really haven’t shopped anywhere for clothing lately. :)



  1. I have definitely decreased my shopping at JCP. But I bought something there only when I had a coupon. I never gave a thought to the rewards program because I didn’t spend enough. I did go in there the other day for “slim” size jeans for my son and found that the style he likes are $20 this year, when last year they were $14.99, even less with a coupon. I went to Sears and found some on sale, and then to my surprise I had about $3 in my kids club account so I used that. JCP is pretty irrelevant to me now.

  2. I got a new swimsuit last weekend on clearance. It had been $42 and I paid $8. They had a lot of good stuff on clearance. The only trouble is that I can’t remember when the clearance events start. I know they are Fridays, but which ones?

  3. I remember (vaguely, no details come to mind) that they are dropping the 1st and 3rd Friday “Best Price” and doing some markdowns every Friday now. Sorry, can’t confirm—-I think it was a newspaper article on how the new system is doing.

    • Oh, that’s quite possible – I don’t think this is the third Friday but I just got a text saying something about clearance. (Too lazy to look at the calendar. ;))

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