Request a Buy One, Get One Free Coupon for Tucano’s

Most of you know that my husband, Jeremy, is a Realtor.  From time to time, he sends out coupons and offers to his clients and this month, he’d like to send one to you, too!  He’ll be mailing out a buy one, get one free coupon to Tucano’s Brazilian Grill later this month, and you can request to receive one here.  There’s no catch!

Go here to fill out the form and request your coupon.  Hurry, you must request the coupon by Thursday, August 9th so that we can get you in on the mailing later this month.



  1. Linda Gandy says:

    Tuscano’s is a fun place…lively and great food. I would love to receive a coupon and make plans to return. Thank you!

  2. Thanks! I’m also going there for my birthday with a BOGO card that they sent me… we’re going with friends that were missionaries in Brazil for 20 yrs. We’ll see if they think the food is authentic or not!

    • I’ve heard it’s not 100% authentic but close enough considering you don’t have to fly to South America! :) Hope you enjoy your birthday dinner.

  3. Kathy,

    The food is traditionally brazilian (I’m brazilian myself) but with a touch of american flavors as well. After all, we are in the US and need to cater to the flavors and tastes of people here. We have been able to successfully maintain the authenticity of the core Brazilian Churrasco while at the same time catering to our awesome guests. I believe your friends will love Tucanos Brazilian Grill. I am not sure where they served as missionaries, but I was born in Sao Paulo (Capital) but grew up in Curitiba most of my life. I hope you have an enjoyable time and awesome giveaway Carrie.

  4. Thanks. I had a birthday coupon for there but we didn’t get to use it in time… We’ve been wanting to go try it out so this is great. Thanks :)

  5. Your final option on the giveaway signup was cute!! Made me chuckle, because yea, most of us are just signing up for the freebie; however, here’s another option you might consider: “Would consider selling if the right situation appears!”

  6. My 50th birthday and my mom’s 80th birthday is coming up in December and it would be AWESOME if we both could get a free coupon for dinner and take the whole family for some fun and great food!!!

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