School Supply Deals (Week of 8/5): Free Folders, Ink Pens, and More

Update: we’ve added Target, Walmart, and Toys R Us’s deals to this list. There’s free Scotch tape at Target! Also if you’re in Denver, Krispy Kreme just announced that you can donate school supplies and get free doughnuts!

The first week of August has some great deals on school supplies – but I wouldn’t wait much longer to get what you need, it seems like the sales usually die out in mid-August.

This week, you can get free folders at Office Max, free ink pens at Walgreens, and lots of cheap deals at Staples. Staples is by far my favorite store for their back-to-school sales – I love their Easy Rebates, and I’ll definitely be getting more reams of paper for $1.00 this week. They’re doing the $1.00-after-rebate paper deal every week, it seems, but even though it’s limit two, it’s a different rebate offer every week so you can do it two times per sale cycle.

You can find printable coupons for school supplies here.

These deals are valid August 5-11, 2012.




  1. Heads up so you don’t do the same thing I did! The paper that’s $1.00 after rebate this week at Staples is Hammermill. Previous weeks, it’s been the Staples paper. I didn’t realize it until after I checked out and the rebate receipt didn’t print. They were great about returning it for me, but took me way longer than I’d planned.

    Also, the Staples at Powers and Constitution was out of the wide-ruled filler paper.

    • HAHA! That is too funny that happenend to both me and my mom, we had to go and return it for the other paper, and yes they were very nice and understanding but it took forever!

      • What’s really funny is that we went on the way home from church and the kids and Jeremy were timing me because I said I would be really fast. Fifteen minutes later… Agh!

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