Best Pumpkin Patches in Colorado Springs?

A question from Chris:

I would LOVE to know about different pumpkin patches in the area. I’m the Girl Scouts Activities Coordinator for my daughter’s Girl Scout troop, so I’m looking for pumpkin patches. If you know of any please let me know.

Please comment with your favorite pumpkin patches in the Colorado Springs area!



  1. I would love to know this too. :-) I am the Girl Scout leader for my daughters troop and we have yet to get to a pumpkin patch. I have been to a couple with her school and wasn’t very impressed with them.

    • Crystal, who can I call about signing my daughter up for the girls scouts? We live in Fort Carson and I’ve called a bunch of people and have not been able to reach anyone, and no one has returned my calls. Do you guys have any idea who I can speak to? I would really appreciate it.

      • I’m not sure who you have called at council regarding Girl Scouts. I’m sorry you haven’t gotten any answers. I’m actually the Service Unit Manager for a couple of areas, if you forward me your information I will get it to the membership person at council that I work with. Maybe she can get your information to the right person. What age is your girl? I would gladly invite you to our meeting if she is in the 7th or 8th grade. :-) We are always looking for new girls but we aren’t on the base. You can email me at GirlScouts @ and I will get your information to hopefully someone that can help you.

        • Hi Crystal, I am having problems emailing my info, keep getting sent back to me undelivered.
          So I figured just give you my email. It
          I really appreciate you taking the time to help me contact someone. Oh, daughter is 10, don’t think she would not be able to join your troop.

          • Hello Carmen –
            I am forwarding your information to Nancy now. I am also CC’ing you on the email so you will have her contact information as well. As I mentioned I don’t know that she is the membership person for your area but hopefully she will get you to the right person. :)

      • Alicia Archer says:

        Carmen I am a girl scout troop leader. We have room in our troop for more girls, If you do not mind driving a little ways. We meet at Mark twain elementary every Monday Night @ 6pm. You can email me if interested, if not interested in out troop but a closer one email me your full name daughters name and number and I will forward it to our local girl scout office.

  2. We’ve done Wishing Star Farm and the Colorado Pumpkin Patch. The Colorado Pumpkin Patch has been ok for the younger crowd (say 5 and under or so). Apparently it has moved out to Larkspur this year, so I might try it out again to see if it’s improved at all. Wishing Star Farm does a decent job. My only complaint about them is that they’re probably the best/closest one in the area and so they can get pretty crowded. If you’re willing to drive a bit, I have a friend that swears by Anderson Farms on the north side of Denver. ( There’s also a website that gives a more complete list. (

  3. We go out to Happy Apple Farm ( every year. We love it because not only does it have pumpkins but apples and other fruits as well. It is a drive, but well worth it in my opinion.
    I went with my son’s preschool class to Venetucci Farm ( last year and while it is closer I still liked Happy Apple better. Hope this helps!

  4. Call the girl scout council because there is a girl scout pumpkin patch in Black Forest. I’m now sure of the name but there were tons of girl scouts there last year.

  5. There is a pumpkin patch on Ft Carson. I’m not sure what its called or who is allowed to use it but its a lot of fun! My daughter’s daycare went there for a field trip a few years ago and we had a blast! Maybe call MWR and see if they can give you info on it. Otherwise Happy Apple Farms in Penrose is good, they have apple picking too. Its kinda of a drive though. The one in Black Forest is pretty lame!

  6. My husband and I went to Diana’s pumpkin patch in Canon City last year (we had a groupon) and it was AMAZING. We ran around the corn maze, had cider, and picked out our pumpkins. It’s a 45 min drive but well worth the memories!

    • Speaking of Groupon, I think I saw that Colorado Pumpkin Patch might be doing one again! (Saw it on their Facebook page.)

    • I second Diana’s Pumpkin Patch! We had a great time last year. They sold a s’mores packet for about $1, enough to make one s’mores, but it had a homemade graham cracker. Little touches like that, I thought, made it nice.

  7. My family is a big fan of Happy Apple Farm as well. ( We have gone the last two years and had a wonderful day each time. They have a tractor ride out to the field with the pumpkins, and if you go early enough in the year there are raspberries and apples to pick as well. It’s not cheaper than you can sometimes find berries and pumpkins in the store, but my kindergartner loved the experience. So we always pick a little of everything that is available. I liked that last year they also had different kinds of pumpkins; warty pumpkins, Cinderella pumpkins, as well as regular jack-o-lantern type pumpkins. I recommend going sooner than later as one year the frost ruined most of the pumpkins.

  8. I also recommend Happy Apple Farm in Penrose. They have a HUGE selection of pumpkins, raspberries, apples, DELICIOUS apple cider, etc. and tons of room for kids to run around. Plus they have free tractor rides! Our whole family loves this place and it is definitely worth the drive!

  9. Wishing Star was a ton of fun. My kids especially loved the petting zoo. However, we got tickets through either Groupon or Living Social last year to another one in Blackforest. When we got there on the days indicated on our deal, no one was there to open it and the message on the phone number listed was on the deal was unintelligible. There were a lot of upset people.

  10. Wow! This is an awesome list! Now I just have to figure out which one I want to check out. Thanks everyone!

  11. Hi everyone, I saw this question come up and I’d love to invite you all to Diana’s Pumpkin Patch & Corn Maze. I hosts several boy scout pacs from Colorado Springs that have been coming for years and loving it. I schedule groups during the week, nights or weekends so they can have as much individual attention as possible.Scout meetings can be held out here around the fire and your welcome to buy our homemade s’mores or bring your own. I would like to see the girls out here so they can have fun too! Check out our web site and I hope to see you all here. Call me to schedule groups, 719-821-9133 or for the general public we are open Fri, Sat 10-10pm & Sun 10-6pm. Come Lose yourself in the Fun!

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