Patriot Day Event at Focus on the Family Bookstore (Sales of 40-50% Off!)

Focus on the Family Bookstore is having their annual Patriot Day event this Saturday, September 8th! They’ll have free food from Louie’s Pizza and Chick-fil-A, giveaways, and more!  From 9-11 AM and 12-2 PM, they’ll have a fire truck from Station 19 so you can take a look inside and meet some firefighters – and thank them for their work on the Waldo Canyon Fire.

50% Off, Saturday Only!

So, that’s the part my kids are excited about and this is the part that I’m excited about: all patriotic items will be 40% off, and the Drive Thru History DVD series will be 50% off!  And, if you are military or a first responder, you can save 40% off your entire purchase!  (I don’t think that can be combined with the other discounts.)  I’ve been waiting for them to do a sale like this because we love the Drive Thru History DVDs and I think the library would appreciate us lessening up on our constant checking out of them. ;)

The official Patriot Day event goes from 9 AM to 2 PM, but the bookstore is open until 4 PM.  Find out more about this event on their Facebook page.



  1. I am excited about the 50% Drive Through History too! Any idea what their regular price is, or the after 50% off price?

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