Walmart: 75% Off School Supplies Clearance

This hot tip just came in from Jean:

The WalMart at Woodmen and Powers has a HUGE aisle of school stuff for 75% off!! Got way too many good deals to list. Its located in the front near where they place seasonal items.

Hurry, I’m sure the best deals won’t last long!  Have you seen this type of clearance at other Walmart stores in Colorado Springs?  If so, please comment.



  1. I live in Monte Vista and was at the Walmart in Alamosa today and all their knick-knack school supplies that were originally 88 cents are now 10 cents each. Great price for little items. I stocked up on small spiral notebooks, silly pens, bookmarks, rulers, hair brushes, pencil toppers, etc… Great to give to teachers for their ‘treasure boxes’ or to put away and use in Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes!

  2. I was wondering if any one could tell me WHERE in the Woodman/Powers Walmart they have their school supply clearance. I even asked a worker and she told me they had all been put away for the season aside from the normal office supply items.

  3. The clearance items are still in the store, but they are “UP TO 75% off”. If you are facing the back of the store from the registers, the clearance items are to the left of the jewelry department. They are on 2 aisles. Mostly there are lots of folders 0.15-1.00, plain wooden rulers 0.25, book covers, desk top pencil cups 0.62, 1″ binders, cloth covered binders, expensive pencils, pens, glue sticks, plastic pencil holder boxes 0.25, and sticky notes. There were the locker mate wire shelves for $1.25 each. There is a price checker right outside those aisles, so check prices. I found an electric pencil sharpener which had not been marked down at all and they didn’t mark it down, even though it was in that aisle when I brought it up ($9.88). The desktop pencil cups were not ringing up correctly according to the shelf label, so they gave me the correctly discounted price when I brought it up. But I wouldn’t take for granted that they have all the prices correctly in the registers yet.

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